Yuan Weirens sober sons hospital visited and was asked about his illness frankly can not be disclosed.

 Yuan Weirens sober sons hospital visited and was asked about his illness frankly can not be disclosed.

Netease Entertainment reported on Dec. 20 that Yuan Yijin, 16-year-old son of Little Fat Teacher Yuan Weiren, visited Taipei Hospital late on Dec. 19. Yuan Yi, apart from continually talking to his father at the bedside about refueling, can not do much. He happens to be preparing for the exam. The psychological pressure is beyond anyones comprehension. He is not afraid of the media, and has the style of celebrity descendants. He only silences his fathers illness, not unwilling to reward, but unwilling to let his familys mood rise and fall.

Yuan Yi visited his father Yuan Weiren in the intensive care unit earlier. When he was about to leave, he met the reporter and nodded his head cordially. Did you talk to Dad? He said shyly, that is to give constant encouragement, as to his fathers physical condition, he admitted that he could not disclose, not because relatives to keep secret, but because the relationship between the intensive care unit, the patients situation is inevitable fluctuations, so he would hope to stabilize after disclosure.

Yuan Yi said that when his father returned to Taiwan, he naturally reassured his family. He cant talk now, wake up and sleep at once. Still at school, he showed his overage performance and offered to tell the media that he could find him directly if he had something to do. He hoped that his family would not have to worry too much about his fathers affairs. He said that he had to attend classes during the day and would visit whenever he had time.

There was a direct attack from Taiwan media. Yuan Weirens mother and his girlfriend visited the intensive care unit. When Yuan Yi arrived at the intensive care unit in the evening, his grandmother, sitting in front of the intensive care unit, locked her eyebrows deeply and pointed her right index finger at Yuan Yi from time to time. She seemed to teach her grandson how to hold Shangen to meditate. She left without visiting the intensive care unit in the evening.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322