A 12-year-old boy was hypnotized and told the secret in the classroom two years ago.

 A 12-year-old boy was hypnotized and told the secret in the classroom two years ago.

Abdominal pain is common in children, but when it comes to school, when it comes to physical discomfort, it can cause unexplained headache, stomach pain, fever and even depression. The reason is not so simple!

A child has a stomachache as soon as he goes to school

After hypnosis, a scary secret was discovered two years ago

Haohao (alias) is 12 years old. For more than two months, his stomach begins to ache every Sunday evening and lasts until Friday. The pain disappears during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, and a new round of pain begins on Sunday evenings.

Continuous pain has seriously affected Haohaos study and life. Haohaos parents took him to many local hospitals for examinations. He has seen it all over the Department of digestion and surgery. He has not eaten less gastric medicine, but he has not found out the cause of this regular pain.

Once, Haohaos parents accidentally saw a news on TV that a child could not go to school because of stomachache. Then they realized that Haohaos stomachache might be due to weariness of learning. They found Yu Hualiang, deputy director of psychiatry, Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical College.

After fully understanding Haohaos study, family background, personality and other factors, Dr. Yu did hypnotic treatment for Haohao. Haohao said the secret buried in his heart:

Two years ago, the head teacher hit a classmates palm with a ring ruler, and the ruler was broken. Witness the whole process of Haohao began to have a feeling of disgust and resistance to the head teacher, slowly also disgusted with the school, unwilling to go to school, a school stomach pain.

To find out the crux of stomachache, Dr. Yu took further measures to use hypnotic therapy combined with cognitive therapy to help Haohao adjust his mood and attitude toward teachers, and to treat learning and school with a normal mind. After several consecutive psychological treatments, the stomach pain finally disappeared and Hao Hao resumed his normal study and life.

Student weariness is not uncommon

Teenagers aged 6 to 18 are more likely to develop

In Dr. Yus clinic, another 18-year-old girl, Dandan (a pseudonym), stayed away from school for two years because she was tired of school. She stayed up late every day, stayed up late after breakfast, went on sleeping until 3 p.m. after eating breakfast, and occasionally went outside by bicycle. After she came back, she continued to stay stuffy in her room, not communicating with her parents, and not communicating with the outside world.

Doctor Yu receives many children who are tired of learning every year. It is not uncommon for them to suffer from stomachache when they go to school like Haohao, and the incidence of school weariness caused by psychological diseases such as Dandan is not low.

He introduced that School-weariness is a phenomenon of rejection and aversion to learning by teenagers for many reasons, and it also causes a series of negative emotions and behaviors. Most of them are young people aged 6 to 18, because during this period of time, childrens academic pressure is the heaviest and their learning competition is the fiercest.

Children must pay attention to these symptoms!

Unlike ordinary children who say they dont like school, but still insist on going to school on time and finishing their homework every day, children who are tired of school are usually physically and psychologically excluded from school.

For example, when it comes to learning, it is tense, fearful and bored, and it has an uncomfortable feeling. This is a psychological experience. Many students are prone to headache, dizziness, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, leg can not walk, local perception ability decline such as vision loss, hearing loss, tinnitus and other phenomena, go to the hospital to check that there are no organic lesions. Its a somatization of anxiety, and when youre nervous, anxious or unhappy, many people show signs of physical discomfort. Dr. Yu said.

Depending on the degree of disgust with learning

Use different methods

According to Dr. Yus analysis, there are many reasons for childrens dislike of learning, including personal, family and other aspects.

These are the main reasons why children are tired of learning.

Immature mind, sensitive personality, weak ability to resist setbacks, spoiled and spoiled, etc. will lead to children easily shrink back when facing academic difficulties, resulting in negative emotions. In addition, parents over-value their childrens academic performance, neglecting the development of comprehensive ability; expect too much, beyond the scope of their childrens ability; too strong, require their children to do everything according to their will; bad parental relationship, family disharmony and so on will affect their childrens mood and psychological state. Dr. Yu said.

To change this behavioral response, Dr. Yu suggested that first of all, we should find out the reasons why children are tired of learning and correct the root causes.

Dr. Yu introduced that different methods should be used according to the degree of weariness. Some children are simply tired of learning, to a lesser extent, and can be adjusted by their children, parents and teachers. Parents need to adopt scientific and reasonable education and training methods, pay more attention to childrens mental health, help children to establish a positive and optimistic attitude, and enhance communication with school teachers.

Of course, we can also turn to the professional psychological counselors in hospitals to help children adjust their moods and enhance their confidence and motivation in learning. Some children also hide anxiety disorders, depression, school phobia, adaptation disorders and other psychological diseases under the appearance of school weariness. They need to go to the psychiatry or psychiatry department of the regular hospital for professional evaluation, and receive relevant drug treatment or psychotherapy when necessary.

Source: Liable Editor of Hangzhou Daily: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182