The 66-year-old plutocrat killed his wife and son to leave all his inheritance to his youngest daughter.

 The 66-year-old plutocrat killed his wife and son to leave all his inheritance to his youngest daughter.

According to Thai media Spring News,

Yesterday morning, there was a scene in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Shocking family murders:

Pornun Boonkwang, a 66-year-old billionaire

After killing his 66-year-old wife and 44-year-old son,

Choose suicide.

And the reason why the rich do such cruel deeds,

In order to solve the family property disputes:

In order to leave all the inheritance to her daughter,

Pornun chooses to put the original possibilities

Wives and sons who inherited their property were killed!

Pornun was a self-made businessman who made his fortune by running a grocery store.

He lived with his wife for many years and had a son and a daughter.

When the couple reached the age of 66, they were supposed to be playing with their grandchildren and enjoying their old age.

But life is not peaceful all the time because of an unworkable son:

Veraphan, a 44-year-old son, drinks all day and does not work properly. He always likes to go home and ask his parents for money as soon as he gets drunk.

Recently, there has been a lot of quarrel between father and son about the division of property.

Every time Pornun was angry with his son and wanted to hit someone, his wife stopped him and reconciled him.

On the morning of the 18th, the son came home drunk again and asked for money from Ornun, and shouted to divide up with his parents.

Pornun watched his son so unflattered that he didnt want to leave his property to him, so he made a very extreme decision:

He first struck his wife with a mallet and then killed his son.

Then Pornun placed bouquets and candles in front of the bodies of his wife and son.

Then he drank the poison and ended his life.

After the incident, police searched the scene and found a suicide note left by Pornun before his death.

In his posthumous note, he expressed his regret for his relatives, friends and neighbors and did not have the opportunity to say goodbye in person.

But he hopes that you can understand his mood, respect his decision, and help them do the aftermath well.

However, Pornuns approach may not only be a little difficult for relatives, friends and neighbors to understand.

Even his 35-year-old daughter, the only heir to his legacy, is hard to accept.

After the incident, when she witnessed the death of her parents and brother, she was almost in a state of collapse.

She always knew that her father couldnt stand his brothers drinking and property problems, so she was under great pressure.

But she did not expect that her father would eventually choose such a way to solve the problem.

She felt very sad about the result.

Originally the closest person in the world,

But eventually, because of money problems, they turned into enemies and eventually lost their homes.

The story of the Pornun family is shocking, but its also infinite.

Netizens said:

Tracked cat: In fact, this fathers idea is understandable. Even if he makes a will to inherit all the money to his daughter, his alcoholic son will surely ask his sister for money. Even if his daughter is a cash machine, she will help him solve the problem, and her mother will certainly persuade her daughter to help her son. Its really a helpless move.

ALIVEANDHAPPYEVERYDAY: But why did you kill your wife?

Daily life of Madman Chasing Fan: Think darkly, isnt this really the arrangement of my little daughter?

Eat a dirt and chase a star-

The surviving daughter will not be happy to watch her family die and leave her alone.

Tian_Reus: If he doesnt have much money and his eldest son drinks like this and asks for money, he, his wife and his youngest daughter may end up worrying too.

Your lawyer AZ: I hope you can understand that parentsproperty only belongs to themselves. Dont take it for granted that they also belong to themselves. They have enough rights to arbitrarily control their own property. They have already paid a lot for us. The rest of their efforts are good.

Georgina Chapman: I dont think it matters who is more or less a parents decision about the allocation of family property. Since all the family members raise people, they should earn their own money and be grateful for their scores. In fact, the fathers practice is extreme.

Source: Liaoshen Evening News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182