Twenty years later, Mr Fan slapped a man in the face: he was corporally punished beyond the normal range in that year.

 Twenty years later, Mr Fan slapped a man in the face: he was corporally punished beyond the normal range in that year.

Recently, Henan Luanchuan men hit teachers after 20 years continued to ferment, Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau official Weibo @Pingan Luanchuan released a message that the Bureau received a written report from teacher Zhang Mou, has now filed a case, the results of investigation and processing will be announced in time. Jinyun reporter calls Luanchuan police station in charge of handling the case, the other side said that the case is being processed, some details related to confidentiality, is not convenient to disclose.

Since the 15th of this month, a video of revenge for teachers after 20 years for men has been circulated in the circle of friends and other media. In the video, a man often stopped a man riding an electric bicycle on the road and asked if he was Zhang Mou. After getting a positive answer, he started slapping his face and shouting, Do you remember how you beat me and how you cut me back in those days? Mine, over the past ten years, do you know? The beaten man endured slapping and whispered Im sorry from time to time.

The next day, a complaint for Luanchuan County Experimental Middle School with an official seal appeared on the Internet. The article pointed out that Zhang Mous teacher, Chang Mou, a local resident of Leiwan Village, was a student taught by Zhang Mou more than ten years ago. The report described the experience of Chang Mous blocking and beating Zhang Mou and shooting videos. It pointed out that Chang Mous criticism of the teachers at that time could not be treated correctly. He strongly condemned Changmous assault on teachers and urged the public security organs to find out the facts and punish the perpetrators severely.

On the 19th, a netizen named Camel Bird 009 posted an information note in Luanchuan Bar of Baidu Post Bar (later verified that the poster was Chang Mou himself). Chang Mou said that the incident in the video happened in early June of this years lunar calendar. At that time, he came back to work in his hometown and met Zhang Mou occasionally on the incident section. After inquiring and confirming his identity, the assault happened in the video, but it did not happen. The complaint was so serious. Chang Mou said that he was 33 years old. When he was in the second grade of experimental middle school, at the age of 13, Zhang Mou, the head teacher and English teacher, was subjected to corporal punishment several times beyond the normal range, including kicking his head hysterically and putting wooden boards in his back clothes in public humiliation. On one occasion, he was kicked by Zhang Mou for sleeping for more than a dozen times. Chang Mou said that he was in middle school and occasionally made small disturbances, but Zhang Mou was able to himself. Never stop scolding without reason has become a lingering shadow in his growth process, and has planted deep hatred in his heart. Chang said in his article that he would like to apologize to all the teachers, but it does not include Zhang.

In the online posts, some netizens recalled that Zhang Mous atrocities happened at that time. For example, some girls were slapped in the face and kicked all the way from the platform to the back door of the classroom. But at the same time, some netizens expressed that Zhang Mou was usually introverted and that students often made trouble intentionally in class. For these plots and Zhang Mous teaching conduct, Jinyun journalist to Luanchuan County Education and Sports Bureau for verification, staff said that it is not clear about the specific situation, and whether Zhang Mou is currently in normal teaching, the other side said: Video events occurred in summer, should be in normal teaching at present.

For the latest progress of the case, Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau office told Jinyun journalists that the Bureau has designated Luanchuan Police Station to handle the case, the specific situation can be consulted each other. The reporter then called Luanchuan Police Station to inquire whether Changmou had returned to Luanchuan from other places, and what measures would be taken and what punishment would be imposed. The staff said that the investigation was under way, and the relevant details involved were confidential and not easy to disclose.

The revenge incident happened in summer. Why did the video appear in recent days and cause a great disturbance? Is Zhang Mou-mou the evil man in the rumor? What kind of punishment will Chang Mou receive? Jinyun News continues to pay attention to the progress of the incident.

Source: Jinyun Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182