Where are Liu Qiangdongs good friends after the Mingzhou case?

 Where are Liu Qiangdongs good friends after the Mingzhou case?

At one time, Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends was a very popular existence. With the growing scale of Beijing East business, in recent years, we can always see Liu Qiangdong sitting together with famous brand leaders from all over the world to talk about the world. In the photos, Liu Qiangdong often occupies the C position, full of concealment of the spring breeze.

Liu Qiangdong, who is holding the moon by many stars, experienced a sudden change in this year and a cold world. In the past few months, he has lost a lot of things, such as the market value of Jingdong, public praise, the trust of investors, and his friends.

The Man Behind Zhang Lei: Turn to Competitors

At the end of 2009, Zhang Lei, founder and CEO of Gaolu Capital, and Liu Qiangdong met at an industry forum. Zhang Lei believed that Jingdong had the potential to become Chinas Amazon and could compete with Taobao. In addition, they are also alumni of the National Peoples Congress. Liu Qiangdong is very real. I hope entrepreneurs are more real. I just burn money and express myself truthfully.

Faced with the fact that Jingdong has been burning money, Zhang Lei appreciates it. He tells Liu Qiangdong that either let me invest 300 million dollars or I dont invest any money. Because this business itself needs to burn money business, do not burn enough money in the logistics and supply chain system can not see the core competitiveness.

Zhang Lei became the second largest shareholder in Jingdong. Gaos large-scale investment made Jingdong quickly establish its leading edge in B2C e-commerce field in a very short time, and strengthened its market position.

In the second week after Gaolus investment, Zhang Lei took Liu Qiangdong to Wal-Mart headquarters in the United States to study, fully understand Wal-Marts logistics network and warehousing system, and soon launched a supply chain reengineering and logistics channel optimization in Jingdong.

In terms of operation, Gaolu has also helped Jingdong introduce many experienced senior managers in Internet operation and marketing.

Zhang Lei did more than that. Gao Ju, as the main shareholder of Tencent, promoted the cooperation between Beijing and Tencent. In 2014, Zhang Lei persuaded Ma Huateng to abandon the idea of doing e-commerce and leverage Tencent to become a major shareholder in Jingdong.

For a time, the friendship between the two was passed on as a good story. At last years Dongxing restaurant, Liu Qiangdong was sitting between Ma Huateng and Zhang Lei.

By this year, Zhang Lei had changed his mind. Zhang Lei did not express his personal views on the accident of Liu Qiangdong. But before that, Zhang Lei had publicly defected.

According to Gaolu Capitals second-quarter stock ownership report, the companys stock market value in Jingdong has dropped sharply from about $1.4 billion in the first quarter to about $700 million, and its position ratio has also declined from 11.32% at the time of listing in 2014 to 1.47% at the end of the second quarter of this year. In the second quarter, the company has reduced its holding of 27.8 million shares and withdrawn from the ranks of major shareholders in Jingdong. Alibaba, on the other hand, has increased its position by about $900 million, plus its previous stake in Alibaba, which totals about $1.2 billion. Alibaba has become the largest holder of Gaolu Capital.

As for the reasons, Zhang Lei left many classical quotations about investment: I often emphasize in the company that we should be good at screening the false moat, the real moat is to create the maximum value in the long run, and to create the maximum value with the most efficient way and the lowest cost, We think that the investment company is the investor. From this we can infer one or two.

Big Brother Ma Huateng: Increase efforts to support the new favorite fight more

In 2014, there was a huge financial deficit in Jingdong. At this time, Tencent reached out and invested in Jingdong, purchased about 15% of the shares of Jingdong with a large amount of money, and also accompanied the pat net to marry to Jingdong. Tencent subscribed for an additional 5% of Jingdongs shares in its initial public offering. Tencent President Liu Chiping joined the board of directors in Jingdong. Both sides take what they need, and Tencent brings traffic to Jingdong, which has become the pioneer of the new retail distribution of Tencent.

Over the next few years, we can see that the friendship between the two sides is getting deeper and deeper.

Liu Qiangdong got married and Ma Huateng flew to Australia to attend the wedding. On the eve of Shuang11 in the same year, Ma Huateng, who always kept a low profile, appeared in high profile and launched the Jingteng Plan with Liu Qiangdong. By 2016, Ma Huatengs share increased from 15% in 2014 to 21.25%, surpassing Liu Qiangdong and becoming the largest shareholder in Jingdong.

In recent years, the two sides have cooperated in many fields. In addition to providing traffic and financial support to Beijing East, Tencent invested in companies that basically have the image of Beijing East, such as Material Fair, Carrefour, step by step.

This sexual assault disturbance has caused anxiety and anxiety among many investors in Beijing and East China. One of the most worrying is probably Ma Huateng. According to the list of shareholders in Jingdong obtained by the Financial Associated Press reporter, after Liu Qiangdongs accident, the Yellow River capital of Tencents investment company is no longer on the list of main shareholders in Jingdong.

This is not surprising. Jingdong is obviously not Tencents only choice. Ma Huatengs other card in the field of electronics business is to fight for more. Data show that the annual active users of Pingduo 385.5 million have surpassed that of Jingdong 305.2 million, and Pingduo crushes Jingdong in terms of user growth.

What choices will Ma Huateng make?

Beijing East access to Tencent in 2014, while Pingduo was founded in 2015. Although Pingduo founder Huang E denied Tencents support to them in an interview with the media, it is an obvious fact that Weixin blocked almost all induced sharing, but let Pingduo grow rapidly in its own system. At present, Tencent has invested a huge amount of money to occupy the second largest shareholder seat, accounting for 17% of the shares.

On November 21, Tencent submitted a trademark registration application called Penguin Logistics. Among them, the business includes packaging, storage, distribution and so on. The media speculate that Tencent is going to grab business with Jingdong and Shunfeng.

Friend Zhou Hongzhu: Forget each other in the river and lake

Because of the similar growth background and speaking style, Zhou Hongzhen and Liu Qiangdong feel very sorry for each other. On November 19, last year, Zhou Hongzhens first autobiography, The Subverter: Zhou Hongzhens Autobiography, was held at the headquarters of Beijing East Group. Liu Qiangdong himself served as Zhou Hongzhu platform, and their friendship was evident.

Zhou Hongzhu said that because investment opportunities were missed when Beijing and East China started in 2005 and 2006, cooperation can only be strengthened now. Talking about why Liu Qiangdong has been a heart-lover for a long time, not only because the two companies have business cooperation, but also because they are straightforward personality, love to tell the truth. For example, 360 is easy to collide with others, but Jingdong is also easy to collide with others, which is the inevitable experience of growing up from a small company.

Unlike Li Guoqings silly, black and rough, Zhou Hongzhen believes that Liu Qiangdong looks gentle on the surface, but may be bold and unrestrained in his heart. Not only do they not deny their fate, but they will also change their fate with their brothers in Jingdong and live with more dignity. In his view, Liu Qiangdong subverted his class.

Zhou Hongzhu also affirmed the model of Jingdong. Jingdong has made great efforts in logistics, warehousing and user experience, which is the key reason for its emergence in the e-commerce market. Jingdong is a subversive both in business and individual.

They also talked about family, career and other topics. The discussion about face blindness also made headlines in the major media. Liu Qiangdong responded to I dont know my wifes beauty, stressing once again that he is facially blind, even after four or five years of senior executives will admit mistakes. Then he was laughed at on the spot: I am as blind as you, but when it comes to meeting beautiful women, I think I still have this ability.

After only one year of chatting and laughing, Liu Qiangdong encountered an unexpected situation, even the Internet conference was absent. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Lei Jun arrived in Wuzhen one after another. Ma Yun, Zhou Hongzhen, Ding Lei and Zhang Chaoyang gathered by the river. They drank yellow wine and talked about the influence of the West Lake on sword and Jin Yongs thoughts on the Internet industry.

Once Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends talked about wine in a peaceful way. Nowadays, the case has been exposed. Instead of sending charcoal in the snow, there are a lot of falling stone. Before Wang Sicongs price is not close, milk tea sister becomes wipe tea sister, after Ren Zhiqiang named Liu Qiangdong, whether the incident is true or false, he has affected the social image of the enterprise. Old Town Yu Minhong said that the accident in Jingdong had a certain relationship with more money, spent money in places that should not be used, but also said that he did not have a luxury car, no private aircraft, also. No gambling.

However, none of these people had such a direct attitude: Shi Yuzhu recently sent a microblog to ridicule Liu Qiangdong: he got off the plane and went to arrogant America. During my stay in the United States, my disciplines were: 1. No drinking; 2. No drinking of the opposite sex; 3. No acquaintance with female students abroad; 4. No room with the opposite sex. If you violate any of the above, you shall be sentenced to castration!

According to Houchangcun No. 7, even Liu Qiangdongs Suqian villagers admit that they used to be proud of Liu Qiangdong, but now this delicate feeling is changing. If Liu Qiangdong really does something irresponsible to his family and enterprise, such improper behavior will make him blush.

After the accident, Zhou Libo, who did not intersect with Liu Qiangdong, first came out to support him. But its more like endorsement for something you havent solved yet. Liu Qiangdong inevitably asked, Where is my friend?

On the surface, these friends are far away from Liu Qiangdong. However, in view of the particularity of the case, both Liu Qiangdong himself and his friends can only remain silent. No matter the friendship concluded by commercial interests, or the friendship made by personal emotions, reasonable, public and private, Liu Qiangdong can do nothing about it. Where are Liu Qiangdongs friends? From the date of the crime, there may be No.

Source: Responsible Editor of Retail Daily: Yao Liwei_NT6056