Terrible! A 31-year-old womans arm bulged up and a Bao doctor cut and found a worm.

 Terrible! A 31-year-old womans arm bulged up and a Bao doctor cut and found a worm.

Its terrible. I didnt expect to get it. Recently, Ms. Yang, 31, received a call from the Department of Pathology, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The doctor told her that the head of the worm had been found in the section of the cyst just cut off.

Miss Yang, 31, lives in Hangzhou and works in a restaurant in Hangzhou. Recently, it was found that the upper arm bulged out a soft bag of broad beans, which felt fluctuant, and came to Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for surgical consultation.

The surgeon carefully inquired about the condition and performed cystectomy for Miss Yang. During the operation, a transparent cyst was found between the muscles of the girls upper arm. After the operation, the cyst was sent to the pathology department for diagnosis of the nature of the cyst.

This is a cyst 1.5 cm in diameter with thin wall and clear liquid in it. Because this part of the forearm is rare, it attracts the attention of pathologists.

Sure enough, after the section was made, the director of pathology, after careful observation under the microscope, found a head node of the worm body, the original transparent cyst was an echinococcus.

Pathological section

At this time Miss Yang has been discharged from hospital, the doctor contacted the girl by telephone to let her know her condition better.

Ren Xingchang, director of pathology, introduced that hydatidosis is caused by the larvae of Echinococcus. Animal-borne parasitic diseases are endemic and natural. It is mainly prevalent in pastoral areas and semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral areas in Western China, especially in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Western Sichuan.

The main clinical symptoms of hydatidosis are painless skin mass or cough, hemoptysis and so on. Once hydatid cysts grow into giant cysts, rupture, cyst fluid overflow, can induce anaphylactic shock, or even death.

How are ordinary people infected in their daily lives? Surgeon Jin Haimin said that cattle and sheep suffering from hydatid disease contain a large number of larvae in their internal organs. Once swallowed by dogs, they will develop into adults in their bodies and discharge a large number of eggs to pollute the environment. Human beings can be infected by swallowing or inhaling eggs in daily life.

Specifically, Miss Yang may have been in contact with dogs before, which happened to contain larvae.

Which people are susceptible to hydatidosis?

Preschool children and pupils, livestock workers, forest managers, slaughtermen and fur processing traffickers, housewives, etc.

Which behaviors are susceptible to hydatidosis?

Often play with dogs (petting, playing), do not wash hands after feeding dogs, drink polluted raw water, eat some polluted lettuce and fruit, eat animal organs with vesicle lesions.

How to prevent hydatidosis?

The organs of diseased animals must be burned and buried deeply, self-protection should be paid attention to in pastoral areas, and good hygienic habits should be developed by advocating frequent hand washing without drinking raw water and eating unwashed fruit and lettuce.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182