Men create a fake jewelry shop for stealing 10 carats of diamonds

 Men create a fake jewelry shop for stealing 10 carats of diamonds

Pipatpongpat Suksawatpipat, a 59-year-old Thai man who used to be a jeweler, became addicted to gambling a few years ago, ruined his family property and failed to do his business. However, not only did he fail to learn the lesson, but he also had a skewed mind. Not long ago, Pipatpongpat met Jain Vaiphav, a 44-year-old Indian jeweler, at a jewelry exhibition. Pipatpongpat learned that Jain had a diamond for sale. It was about 10 carats, worth 10 million baht (about 2.1 million yuan). Seeing the money, he began to play the idea of the diamond and tried to get it by cheating and robbing him.

Pipatpongpat first rented a shop on the first floor of Sriphaya Street in Bangkok for 10,000 baht. Another 20,000 baht was spent on a simple arrangement to make the shop look like a jewelry store, and to change the lock on the glass door of the shop, replacing the original lock with an easy-to-operate automatic lock. Finally, a Cambodian worker was hired to help with the remaining 10,000 baht, and in preparation, Pipatpongpat spent about 40,000 baht and spent all the money in his account.

He phoned Jain, a jeweler, to lie about his interest in the diamond, and asked Jain to bring the diamond to his fake jewelry store for personal inspection. Jain and Pipatpongpat did not know that Pipatpongpat had a bad habit of gambling, nor did they know his bad economic situation. In addition, the identity of Pipatpongpat jeweler led Jain to believe that he was just talking about business, and he readily agreed.

Around 3 p.m. on December 11, Jain and another partner arrived at Pipatpongpats fake jewelry store. Pipatpongpat offered to inspect the jewelry. Then he pretended to be hesitant about buying it and told Jain that he wanted to check the diamonds again in natural light. With Jains consent, he walked out of the shop with a diamond. Before Jain could respond, Pipatpongpat suddenly locked the glass door of the shop outside. At this time, Pipatpongpat hired Cambodian workers waiting outside on a motorcycle, Pipatpongpat jumped on the back seat of the motorcycle, two people fled. Jains reaction was to fall for it.

However, Tianwang was restored. Three days later, he was found by the police at an immigration checkpoint in Jianzhu Wenfu. At that time, he and his wife were preparing to flee to Cambodia together. When Pipatpongpat was arrested, the police immediately questioned him. Who would have thought that Pipatpongpat said he had sold diamonds to a Vietnamese man he knew in the casino and sold a total of 500,000 baht (about 105,000 yuan), only one twentieth of the market price? Even wordless, he was anxious to sell diamonds because he wanted to get money quickly. Half a million baht were sold for diamonds, of which 100,000 baht were spent on finding someone to run for him. The remaining 400,000 baht, Pipatpongpat, were spent in casinos there when he was ready to flee to Cambodia. At present, the police are still investigating and trying to recover stolen diamonds.

Source: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182