The tragedy of mans naked self-portrait deceiving his girlfriend kidnapped for ransom in winter

 The tragedy of mans naked self-portrait deceiving his girlfriend kidnapped for ransom in winter

Photos sent to Ms. Feng by Hu Mouwei

On the evening of December 12, Ms. Feng, near Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, suddenly received a picture from her boyfriend Hu Mou, who was squatting naked in the woods.

Ms. Fengs mobile phone rang, and Hu on the other end of the phone cried loudly, claiming that he had been kidnapped and extorted by three people and needed a ransom of RMB 100,000.

Then the phone hung up... Whats going on?

At about 20 oclock on the same day, Ms. Feng rushed to the Shapu Community Police Squadron of Guanyao Police Station of Nanhai Branch of Foshan Public Security Bureau to call for help: My boyfriend was kidnapped!

After the police understand the situation, they find many doubts!

1. Hu did not say how to pay the ransom.

2. During Hus kidnapping, no kidnappers contacted Ms. Feng.

3. The police used Ms. Fengs mobile phone to dial Hus phone, but it has been shut down.

Wait a minute! Where does the kidnapper not say how to pay the ransom?

At about 21 oclock that day, Hus telephone was finally connected.

Under the direction of the police, Ms. Feng said that she had not called the police and was ready for ransom.

Ms. Feng and Hu finally agreed to hand over at Pine Tree Village in Guanyao, while the police were waiting in close proximity.

However, the kidnappers did not appear, only Hu, and completely unlike the kidnapped appearance, so the police came forward to show their identity and brought them back to the squadron for examination.

After questioning, Hu admitted that the kidnapping case was carefully planned by himself.

According to Hu Mous confession, he owed more than 30,000 yuan of debt because he was addicted to gambling. Because he couldnt repay it, he tried to defraud ransom.

On that day, he took off his jacket and squatted in the woods. He took a photo of himself and sent it to Ms. Feng. He falsely claimed that he had been kidnapped with a crying voice.

Who knows that the phone will run out of power before it has time to talk about the way to pay the ransom?

At present, Hu Mou has been sentenced to administrative detention for five days and a fine of 200 yuan for falsely reporting the case.

After statement

In the cold winter, I played with self-portraits naked, pretending that I was kidnapped, thinking that I could cheat my girlfriend for 100,000 yuan ransom, who knows that the police lead snakes out of holes tear through the farce.

Civilian police remind us that according to Article 60, paragraph 2, of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, anyone who forges, conceals or destroys evidence, or provides false testimony or falsely reports the facts of a case, which affects the administrative law enforcement organs in handling a case according to law, shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than ten days and fined for not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan. Please refrain from trying the law.

Teachers owe money. Parents answer calls to collect debts: Kidnap your son if you dont ask the teacher to pay back the money.

A primary school physical education teacher in Guanggu Leopard Li No. 1 Primary School in Wuhan failed to repay the loan on time after borrowing online. A students mother received a threatening phone call from a debt collector to urge the teacher to pay back the money. Otherwise, she would kidnap her son, which made her worried. School officials said they would ask the teachers concerned to solve the problem as soon as possible.