Poverty-alleviating cadres drove poor households to hospitals and caused 1 death and 3 injuries.

 Poverty-alleviating cadres drove poor households to hospitals and caused 1 death and 3 injuries.

According to the information note circulated on the internet, Wei Mouning, a poverty-alleviating cadre, suffered a traffic accident on his way back from driving poor households to the hospital to check their health.

Yesterday, a traffic accident information note circulated on the Internet. According to the statement, following the Xiangzhou County Committees newspaper, on the morning of December 14, the cadre and worker of Xiangzhou County Party Committee, Wei Mouning, drove his private car to Youqing Village, Yunjiang Town, where he contacted the poor household and his wife, Wei Mouyi, to come to Bin Peoples Hospital for physical examination. The accompanying staff included Zhenmou, a staff member of Xiangzhou County Party Committee, and Zhenmou, a woman director of Youqing Village Committee. On the way back in the afternoon, at about 16 oclock, a truck collided with Liushan Manganese Mine in Chuanshan Town, Liujiang District. The accident resulted in the death of a poor household Zheng Zhongzhong. Three people were injured in different degrees, including Weimouning, Weimouai and Zhengmou. Zhenmou was not injured. At present, the injured have been sent to hospital for treatment, and Weimounings leg injury is not life-threatening.

This morning, a reporter from Beijing News confirmed the above materials to the Propaganda Department of Xiangzhou County Committee. A staff member said that the three injured were still being treated and their condition was stable. Generally speaking, poverty Alleviators need to go to hospitals. It is inconvenient not to have a car. Cadres help to send them to hospitals. This is also done out of kindness. At present, the traffic police department has not yet issued the result of responsibility determination.

Two cadres of post-90s poverty alleviation in Jiangxi Province have died and two talented people have been married for more than a month.

A car crashed into a river on the Yijiawan section of Xikou Town, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, and two people drowned. Among them, the victim, Fan Zhenzi, 23 years old, is a cadre in Dachun Township. The victim, Wu Yingpu, is the husband of Fan Zhenzi, 28 years old. He is the first Secretary of Yayang Village in Fuxing Township.