Zhang Jian: Football is a part of national strategic football governance.

 Zhang Jian: Football is a part of national strategic football governance.

On the 20th, a series of financial control and management policies of the Chinese Football Association, i.e. the detailed regulations of four hats and the regulations of registration and appearance of foreign aid, will be announced at the Summary Conference of the 2008 season professional league. This seminar is also a preview of the Summary Conference of the professional league.

The meeting was opened by Du Zhaocai. Du Zhaocai first introduced the background of the seminar: Improving the management level of clubs and strengthening the financial supervision of clubs are the clear requirements of the General Plan for the Reform and Development of Chinese Football, which will have a far-reaching impact on the realization of the development goals of professional football reform. In the past two seasons, the Chinese Football Association has made a great deal of research on the clubs financial situation, solicited the opinions of various clubs extensively, and jointly studied with clubs to deepen the comprehensive management and reform measures of professional leagues. Focusing on the clubs financial monitoring and management, the Chinese Football Association has strengthened the guidance, service and supervision of the clubs financial management policies, and guided the club to reduce its irrational investment. Promote the healthy development of club financial health and professional league.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Zhang Jian refined the main points of the first days meeting and made a concluding speech.

The third inspiration is that the only way to govern Chinese football is to learn from and innovate the system. The experience and lessons of developed countries deserve our study and reference. Chinese professional football has gone through more than 20 years and has embarked on the road of professionalization for more than 20 years. One of the greatest lessons is our innovation. One of the greatest lessons is that we are eager to achieve, or often called eager for quick success and instant benefit, neglecting theoretical construction, policy research and system construction. In the process of reform, we did not have sufficient theoretical preparation, system preparation, legal preparation and personnel preparation. Although we have achieved obvious results, we have also brought a lot of problems, which may lead to unsustainable, resulting in abuses. In other words, China Professional League may be a lively scene, but the connotation is not obvious.

Four big hats

Its the clubs autonomous behavior.

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