86-year-old teachers pay back 56 years ago: they cant bring their debts into the coffin

 86-year-old teachers pay back 56 years ago: they cant bring their debts into the coffin

After receiving the receipt from the hospital, the old man said excitedly, Its natural to pay off debts. This debt of conscience has finally been repaid, and the heart is at ease...

A special letter

At the end of November, Deng Lingwen, president of Qichun Peoples Hospital, received a letter from Ezhou. The writer was an old man named Ding Youguo, who wrote, In 1962, a 6-year-old boy of mine was hospitalized in Qichun County Health Hospital. He could not find out the cause of the disease for more than a month. He died in the hospital and owed about 70 yuan of medical expenses. In the next two years, I offered to pay back three times, but the amount was very small. It is now proposed to remit 7000 yuan for 100 times the amount of money to repay this debt of conscience.

Fifty-six years have passed, and I can still think of paying back the money. Deng Lingwen read the letter at the hospital meeting, and everyone was moved. But the hospital searched through the historical files and data, and found no record of the old mans arrears.

Do you accept it or not? Gu Ming, Vice President of Qichun Peoples Hospital, contacted Ding Youguo. The old man said firmly on the phone, Although this matter has lasted for 56 years, it is like a stone in my heart. You must accept it.

After consultation, the hospital decided to accept the arrears at home.

A Dusty Past

On the morning of December 18, Gu Ming took his staff to Ezhou. Warm sunshine flooded the living room. Ding Youguo and her wife, Zhang Jinling, had been waiting at home for a long time.

Ding Youguo said that the couple are both Qichun people and have worked in the education sector for a long time. In 1959, after seven years as a village teacher in his hometown, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Central China Normal University. Zhang Jinling stayed in Qichun, taking care of her young son while teaching. The whole family lived on her wifes meager salary.

In September 1962, the eldest son, who was fostered in Pengshi Town, Qichun, had a high fever. Zhang Jinling rushed back to Pengshi Town and took her 6-year-old son to Qichun County Health Center (later renamed Qichun County Peoples Hospital). At that time, the medical condition was very poor, the child continued to have a high fever and convulsions, the cause of which could not be ascertained, and a month later, unfortunately died.

After finishing, Ding Youguo knew that during the hospitalization period, they still owed the hospital more than 70 yuan of medical expenses.

Zhang Jinling clearly remembers that when her son was hospitalized for half a month, they had no money to pay for medical treatment. But the hospital has not stopped taking medicine, has been trying to rescue, which makes the couple feel so much.

The couple later worked in Huanggang and Ezhou and retired from Ezhou University. Years ago, they wanted to pay back the money, but they had to support both parents, raise three children to start a family and start a business, and they had a long-term financial constraints. The pain of his eldest sons death has become a past that his wife, Zhang Jinling, did not want to touch. The repayment of money has been pressing on Ding Youguos mind.

A special bailout

During the conversation, Ding Youguo, sitting in his chair, kept breathing. He said: I have a pulmonary heart disease, in recent years, the physical condition is deteriorating, can not bring this debt into the coffin, become a lifelong regret.

On November 20, Ding Youguo quietly sent a letter of repayment to Qichun Peoples Hospital. The night before he learned that the staff of Qichun Peoples Hospital had come, the old man insisted on going to the bank to get 7,000 yuan of cash by himself, stacked neatly and encapsulated with letters.

Why return 7000 yuan? The old man explained that in the past 56 years, prices have risen many times, and the return of 7000 yuan is not much.

In public witness, Ding Youguo trembled and handed the envelope to the hospital staff. After receiving the receipt, he and his wife kept looking at it carefully and folded it carefully.

Deng Lingwen said that the hospital should use this debt of conscience as a relief fund for the needy patients and let the old peoples kindness help more people.

Reporters notes

After 56 years, he took the initiative to repay medical expenses a hundred times, and the old people of Ding Youguo were greatly respected.

Its natural to pay off debts. Ding Youguos behavior is like a mirror, reflecting the common peoples reverence for Chinese traditional morality.

This debt of conscience embodies the harmony of doctor-patient relationship. Fifty-six years ago, the old man lost his beloved son. In the case of arrears, the hospital still spared no effort to rescue, so that the family members of patients have been impressed for half a century.

In recent years, some incidents of violent injuries to doctors and extreme behaviors of individual doctor-patient conflicts have cast some shadows on the doctor-patient relationship.

How to build a good doctor-patient relationship? Every doctor and patient should be open-minded, build a bridge of communication with benevolence and integrity, and let professional ethics and humanity shine.

Believe in the power of good! This is the greatest enlightenment that Ding Youguo and his wife have brought us when they repay their conscience debts.

Source: Qiao Jing_N6607, responsible editor of Jingchu Net-Chutian Metropolitan Daily