Ofo responds whether it has money to refund deposits: trade secrets, not disclosed

 Ofo responds whether it has money to refund deposits: trade secrets, not disclosed

On the afternoon of the 19th, ofo founder Dai Wei issued a letter to the whole staff, in which he hoped that the ofo staff would be firm in their beliefs and bravely face the difficulties ofo is facing. At the same time, he also said that he would be responsible for every penny owed by ofo and for every user who has supported ofo.

The problem of the deposit of ofo has been going on for quite a long time. After many users apply for the deposit refund in the ofo application, the time is far beyond the prescribed time limit, but the deposit has not arrived. Accordingly, various unlocking techniques for ofo deposit refund began to circulate on the network. Some acted as a foreign dialogue customer service, and then successfully received the deposit and English apology letter, others claimed to come to the ofo headquarters to refund the deposit, the process is simple and enthusiastic service, obviously most users think that the way to refund the deposit on the ofo headquarters is easier to operate.

Early on the morning of the 17th, many users came to the office address of ofo headquarters: Zhongguancun Internet Financial Center formed a long queue. According to AI financial news agency: 17 days queuing three or four hours into the ofo office users, and can not get the deposit directly, just registered ofos mobile phone number and Alipay account, the Staff promised to return the deposit to Alipay account within 0-3 working days. But on the 18th, the users who went to queue again found that the rules had changed. Offo no longer promised the time limit for refunding the deposit, but just said that it would be refunded one by one in the order of registration.

In the afternoon of the 19th, the number of deposit refund users in ofo applications has exceeded 11 million. According to the minimum deposit standard of 99 yuan, the amount of cash needed has approached 1.1 billion yuan. According to early media reports, the total deposit size of ofo is about 3.65 billion yuan. Therefore, people can not help asking, is there any money for deposit refund in ofo?

In an open letter dated 19, David said that he was responsible for every penny he owed. Finance and Economics Network consulted the relevant ofo officials on the source of funds for raising refunds. The answer given by ofo was: trade secrets are not easy to disclose.

Tomorrow, Dec. 20, is the deadline for registered users to receive refunds at ofo headquarters on Dec. 17 (ofo promises to arrive on Dec. 0-3). I hope that ofo and David will not disappoint users who queue for hours to register in the cold wind. They are all users who have supported ofo.

Source: Responsible Editor of Finance and Economics Network: Yao Liwei_NT6056