The supplier went to the hammer gate to collect debts, saying that 20 million people were owed no wages.

 The supplier went to the hammer gate to collect debts, saying that 20 million people were owed no wages.

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The day before yesterday, downstairs of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Center, the ranks of people who withdraw their ofo deposit lined up on the street corner. Yesterday, at the entrance of China Cyberport Building on Wangjing North Road, another group of people stood at the entrance to ask for money. They were suppliers of arrears due to hammer technology.

This is not the first time a hammer has been blocked by a suppliers door. It is reported that on the 13th of last month, and on the 5th of this month, suppliers gathered here, holding up the banner Hammer Technology Returns My Sweet Money and demanding payment from Hammer Technology.

On December 19, 2018, the debt collection team gathered again at Beijing Cyberport Building. This time, it is a supplier in Tianjin - Huaweino Electronics Co., Ltd.

Official data show that Huaweino was founded in 2009, and its main business is MIM products, spindle products, hardware decorations, die-cut microphone networks and graphite products required in different fields such as communications, computers, automobiles and household appliances.

The debt collection team is led by Li Qiang, a workshop manager in Huaweino, Tianjin. According to his introduction, there are about 40 to 50 people coming this time. In contrast, there are more than 100 people in the whole factory.

This is the second time that Warvino has come to the gate of Cyberport to collect debts on a large scale. Last time, they set out from Tianjin by bus in the morning and arrived at the gate of Cyberport at 10 oclock. They stayed here for a day until 8 p.m.

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Li Qiang said that they came earlier yesterday, and at 6 a.m., they came here by bus from Tianjin collectively. Because they had to wait all day at the door, the debt collectors brought enough dry food and water. In addition, they had to eat two boxed meals at the door.

A box of 25, or not through takeaway software, directly negotiated with the hotel price. Li Qiang said.

This scene is very similar to the scene in which the supplier of Le Video was surrounded by Le Video Building to collect debts.

The debt collection team said that Hammer Technologies has been in arrears with Warvenors supply for nine months, involving more than 20 million yuan. The factory has been unable to pay wages for six months, and production has been stopped one after another. Yesterday, two other suppliers also came here. Li Qiang said that another counterpart was also in arrears of more than 10 million yuan.

Around 10 a.m., a shareholder of the company, as a representative, entered the office building to communicate with the relevant personnel in charge of the hammer, but never came out again. Occasionally, he used Wechat to communicate with the army. But Li Qiang said the progress was not smooth. Last time, the two sides also communicated in the office building for nearly a day, but did not reach agreement on the issue of arrears.

Li Qiang said that the company has also taken legal measures, but has not yet seen the effect.

Beijings temperature has recently rebounded. Yesterdays highest temperature was 10 degrees, which is not cold. But with the darkening of the sky, the temperature has gradually decreased. The debt collection team has also started the shift system and returned to the bus in batches for heating and rest.

Around 6 p.m., the shareholder who went into the negotiation sent a message that the negotiation would be completed within an hour and the result would be given. Hopefully to see Luo Yonghao, Li Qiang said.

But an hour passed and everything was the same as before.

Seeing shareholders enter for half a day, there is no progress. Li Qiang took out his tent from the bus and led the team to camp overnight at the gate of the building. Building property managers are also quite helpless, can only persuade them to come back tomorrow, from a long-term perspective, overnight at the door and other actions, can not solve practical problems.

Around 7:20, the team returned to the bus one after another, ready to drive back to Tianjin.

Will you come back tomorrow? I asked.

Should not come, can not afford, we have other things. Li Qiang said.

The Cyberport Building is located on Wangjing North Road, not far from the former Hammers headquarters in Beijing, the Green Space Center. A hammer worker at the scene introduced that there are about 100 people working here at present, and hammer technology rented the whole floor of the fourth floor.

As for the prevailing wage arrears, the hammer employee also admitted that the company did not pay. I cant find the leader. He said,We couldnt say anything to the media in the past. Now thats the case, nobody cares.

Hammers current financial situation is not optimistic, negative rumors are everywhere, and Hammer Technology and Luo Yonghaos official blog have not responded in more than a month, just routinely forwarding promotional information about luggage and other products.

Now the only solution to the dilemma seems to be to get the next round of large-scale financing. According to First Finance and Economics, Hammer began to contact Baidu, Ali, Huawei and other companies in search of financing, but so far it has failed. According to the figures disclosed by the supplier, the pit dug by the hammer is too big. Whether it can find the object of the pick-up is unknown.

Hammer mobile phones are mostly in the past. If the company can continue, it will also turn to life and creative products. But before that, hammers have to fill the pits first, and suppliers are still waiting to get money for the Spring Festival.

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