Czech Trump ordered cabinet staff to ban Huawei mobile phones

 Czech Trump ordered cabinet staff to ban Huawei mobile phones

The Ministry of Industry and Trade immediately said it would take the same measures and other government departments using Huawei products would follow suit.

U.S. media reported that the Czech move was related to the countrys security warning against Chinese telecommunications products the day before.

On the 17th, Dusan Navratil, director of the Czech Network and Information Security Agency (NCISA), said in a statement that Huawei and ZTEs software and hardware products would pose a security threat.

Nafratil said that system managers of critical information infrastructure, whether state-owned or private, should take appropriate measures to address the threat, and the warning was based on their findings with allies.

On the 13th of this month, the Australian Financial Review revealed that the Five-Eye Alliance of intelligence agencies from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada had held a secret lobster dinner in July to discuss how to exclude Huawei from the 5G procurement list.

In response to the NCISA statement, a spokesman for Huawei made it clear on the same day, We firmly deny any claim that we pose a threat to national security. We call on NCISA to provide evidence, rather than damage Huaweis reputation without any evidence.

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In October last year, Prime Minister Andrei Barbich, known as Czech Trump, led the right-wing party ANO2 011 to win 78 of the 200 seats, but it took nine months to form a successful cabinet because it did not reach an absolute majority in Parliament.

According to Peoples Network, Babbashi, 64, was born in Slovakia. He owns more than 200 companies and covers a wide range of industries, including media, forestry, chemistry, food and medicine. He employs more than 30,000 people and is the largest private employer in Czech Republic. His personal wealth is expected to reach 4 billion to 5 billion euros, ranking second in the Czech Rich List.

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Because of the ANO 2101 partys proposals of tax reduction, vigorous anti-corruption, opposing premature accession to the euro zone, supporting the closure of European borders, refusing to accept the EUs refugee quota policy, and putting forward populist-like political views, Babish has been called Czech Trump by many media.

However, Babbashi himself has been exposed successively in scandals of alleged fraud of EU subsidies and cooperation with the secret police while working for the Czechoslovak Trading Company.

AFP reported in November that the son of Babbashi and his first wife told the Czech media that he was forced to be sent abroad to obstruct fraud investigations against his father. It also prompted the opposition parties to join forces to seek a no-confidence motion against the Babyshek cabinet, and thousands of people took to the streets of Prague to participate in the protests against Babyshek.

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