Barack Obama dresses up as Santa Claus and carries surprise sacks to give gifts to children

 Barack Obama dresses up as Santa Claus and carries surprise sacks to give gifts to children

Barack Obama went into the childrens hospital to send Christmas greetings to the children. (Washington Post)

Dec. 20 is less than a week away from Christmas in the West. On Dec. 19, former US President Barack Obama disguised as Santa Claus walked into a childrens hospital in Northwest Washington to send warm Christmas greetings to sick children there.

According to the Washington Post, only a few people in the hospital knew the news of Barack Obamas arrival. On that day, Barack Obama put on his Christmas hat, carried a big bag full of Christmas gifts and went into the hospital, giving the children a big surprise.

Barack Obama and the children in the hospital (Washington Post)

The report said that Obama first played games with the children, made snowflakes and a jigsaw puzzle. He told the children that jigsaw puzzles were his favorite games when he was a kid, and later he took out gifts from the bag to give the children, such as remote control cars, girls favorite nail polish and so on. He also had one-on-one conversations with his children and their parents. He encouraged a child to enter high school next year, but he was so nervous that he said, Even a very cool child doesnt know how to do it.

On that day, Obama put on his Christmas hat and carried a large bag full of Christmas gifts into the hospital. (Video capture)

Kurt Newman, president of the Childrens National Health System, praised Mr. Obama. There will be a lot of people in the future who will remember that at the busiest time of the year, almost nobody wants to come to the hospital, but he can go to the hospital and warm the children, their parents and hospital staff with his enthusiasm.

Before leaving, Obama also thanked hospital staff and wished them a Merry Christmas.

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