Knee injuries have plagued Xiaoding for two years: his injuries are not easy to recover

 Knee injuries have plagued Xiaoding for two years: his injuries are not easy to recover

Xiao Ding Thanksgiving Lone Ranger

The first goal is to ensure Ding Yanyuhangs recovery and return to the court, said Nielsen, general manager of the solo ranger. Xiaoding will begin to recover immediately, and we expect him to recover completely.

Im very grateful for the support Ive received from both the Rangers and the Legendary teams this season, said Xiao Ding. There are good medical conditions in Dallas, and I look forward to a full recovery and a return to the field in the near future.

Solo Rover revealed that Ding Yanyuhang will stay with the Legendary Team to recover. The solo rangers team doctor mentioned last month that Xiaoding needed about two months of treatment before making plans for the next phase.

Xiaoding sincerely said: Whether next years World Cup, or the pursuit of their dreams, or one day to return to my beloved Shandong team, together with my brothers for the CBA Championship impact... All of these need a stronger me, which is the reason why I cant relax at any time.

Knee injuries have been plagued for more than two years

Ding Yanyuhangs knee injury has always been serious, and has not received systematic recovery and treatment.

Last season in CBA playoffs, Shandong Team and Guangxia Team series, Ding Yanyuhang, who suffered leg injuries, still came out with injuries, and his condition was greatly affected.

Subsequently, Xiaoding participated in the Jakarta Asian Games in August. After the finals, the injuries recurred again. Later, Xiaoding joined the solo Ranger team. Although he appeared in China, he did not recover from his knee injury.

According to Li Dapeng, a doctor of the Red Team of Chinese Mens Basketball Team and Shandong Mens Basketball Team, Xiaodings knee injury is an old one, which has existed for the past two seasons. Xiaodings right knee joint has patellar tendinitis and patellar malacia, which is not easy to recover.

Now, Xiaoding has undergone surgery in Dallas, and his knee injury is expected to recover completely.

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