Men bought 2.8 million Bentleys to celebrate their birthdays. Unexpectedly, the car could not be licensed in February.

 Men bought 2.8 million Bentleys to celebrate their birthdays. Unexpectedly, the car could not be licensed in February.

The imported Bentley luxury car purchased by Chutian Metropolitan Newspaper for 2.8 million yuan was unable to be licensed normally for nearly two months because the seller was unable to provide the customs declaration. Yesterday, Mr. Wang, a citizen, called Chutian Metropolitan Daily to say that he wanted to celebrate his birthday by buying the car, but he was troubled.

Mr. Wang introduced that in order to celebrate his birthday, in September this year, he ordered a custom Bentley Speedy car from abroad and paid a deposit of 500,000 yuan in Wuhan Chengtong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. in Huangpi Panlong Automobile City. On October 24, he paid $2.3 million in the final payment and took the car.

Mr. Wang said that the company had not yet handed over the vehicle declaration form to him, resulting in the vehicle being unable to sign normally. And he learned from time to time that the customs declaration required for the registration may be mortgaged by the sales company, leading to delays in the registration of vehicles.

Yesterday morning, a reporter from Chutian Metropolitan Daily saw in Panlong Motor City that Mr. Wang bought a blue Bentley car (pictured), with a temporary Jin J license plate on the front windshield. Daily travel has been greatly affected. Mr. Wang said that after holding the Linpai, he could only drive along Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou provinces, and that his desire to drive to other provinces was restricted on weekdays. And because he had no official license plate, he had been stopped many times by traffic police for fear of stealing the car. During this period, he repeatedly urged the sales company to apply for a licence, but has not received a definite answer.

More to Mr. Wangs indignation, on December 14, the airbag warning light suddenly turned on while the vehicle was driving, and a circuit module of the airbag was found to be out of order. Because the relevant parts must be shipped back from abroad, it is difficult to repair the faults in a short period of time, and the wiper has been making abnormal noises from time to time recently, he gradually has the idea of getting out of the car.

The reporter accompanied Mr. Wang to Chengtong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. The relevant person in charge said that Mr. Wang had paid the car in full in the early period, but he was not clear about the matter that the car was mortgaged. The reason for the late delivery of the declaration form is that the company is still carrying out some customs clearance procedures, and it is expected that the declaration form will be submitted to Mr. Wang by the 24th of this month.

The person in charge also said that they had contacted the manufacturer about the airbag and that the automobile parts would be delivered around New Years Day. But for Mr. Wangs request for a return, he said it was unlikely.

According to the person in charge, Mr. Wang believes that if the car can not be returned, the sales company must issue written materials indicating the specific date of settlement of the customs declaration, airbag and wiper. In addition, he personally spent a lot of time and energy in dealing with the matter, and the sales company had to pay a certain amount of cash compensation.

At present, the two sides are still in communication and consultation.

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