Mourinhos suspicion of Giggss sexual addiction: Miss Waless brother-in-laws eight-year sexual intercourse

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 Mourinhos suspicion of Giggss sexual addiction: Miss Waless brother-in-laws eight-year sexual intercourse

Giggs and Imogen have been cheating on each other for six months, even before important games. Giggs once promised to marry her, but in the end he backfired and broke Imogens heart. Giggsgood man image was destroyed after the scandal was exposed, but it was only the beginning of Giggs tragic fate.

Giggs derailed Imogen, who was the girlfriend of Spurs striker Defoe

Shortly afterwards, the British News of the World broke out Giggsdaughter-in-laws door, the media said that Giggs and daughter-in-law Natashas love affair began in 2003, the relationship between the two did not end until April 2011. Natasha said that she and Giggs had met and had a relationship in 2003. Two years later, she became a couple with Giggsbrother, Rodrid Giggs, and then they had their own son, Louis. However, her relationship with Giggs did not end. The two men who had become elder brothers and daughters-in-law still maintained a secret relationship. In 2009, it was said that all but Giggss wife and brother had known about his relationship with his brother-in-law Natasha, and people called him Manchesters most open secret.

Ryan Giggserotic text message to his brother-in-law was revealed to have cheated before and after Manchester Uniteds match


The Daily Mirror later revealed Giggsmistress number three. Natasha, Giggsstolen brother-in-law, received a mysterious phone call from a woman who claimed she had an unfair relationship with Giggs. Subsequently, the media also exposed Giggss attempt to seduce his mistresss mother. Shortly afterwards, GiggsNo. 5, a mistress named Lisa Jaynes, was in her 40s. She had an underground affair with Giggs for a year. She had never been to Manchester. Both of them dated Giggs to Wales. Later, Giggs got tired of off-site relationships, so they finally separated. [Return to the old material: Exposure Giggs may have sex addiction mistress No. 3 and he cheated for two years

Giggs admits that when traveling with three beautiful women, he cant always choose one.