Seven-year-old boy was abused by his stepmother: lower body burns, ear purulence and disinfectant irrigation

 Seven-year-old boy was abused by his stepmother: lower body burns, ear purulence and disinfectant irrigation

A boy in Sudong Village, Suji Town, Haixing County, Hebei Province, was burned and treated in a hospital on December 16, according to a report from the Haixing County Public Security Bureau yesterday. His stepmother Xiao, suspected of committing a crime, has been taken compulsory measures by the police according to law, and the case is being further investigated.

On December 19, the boys father told the Beijing News that the scald was caused by his stepmother splashing hot water with a water ladle. In addition to the scald, the boys ears were damaged and his body suffered from several old injuries. He has now been transferred to Tianjin Second Childrens Hospital for treatment.

Boys lower body burns and ear purulence

On December 18, the Haixing County Public Security Bureau informed that at 13:23 on December 16, the command center of Haixing County Public Security Bureau received a group of alarms from Sudong Village, Suji Town, saying that there was a dispute in their home. After receiving the police, the local police station immediately organized the police force to rush to the scene for disposal. According to the investigation of the police according to law, the police call a group of grandsons Humouyang burned and are receiving treatment in the hospital. Xiao Mou, Humouyangs stepmother, is suspected of committing a crime. At present, the police have taken compulsory measures according to law. The case is being further investigated.

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On December 19, the boys father, Mr. Hu, told reporters in the Beijing News that his 7-year-old son, Xiao Yang, came home from kindergarten a few days before the incident. He found that he was injured and called to take Xiao Yang to the hospital. He said the child had burns on his thighs, lower body and stomach, festering symptoms in both ears, and old scars on his head and back of his hand. Its very serious and painful. The boys aunt said that on Dec. 10, Xiao Yang was found in the toilet of kindergarten by the teacher, and then informed Xiao Mou to take the child home. She said the injury should have occurred on the 9th, when her father was not at home.

_The scar on the back of the boys hand has scabbed. Family members for map

The picture provided by Mr. Hu shows that Xiao Yangs thighs are wrapped in a large number of white gauze, his lower abdomen and lower body are purple-red, and there are skin peeling near him, and there are many wounds. There are three round or strip wounds on the back of his right hand. The wound has scabbed, and there are several small peeling spots on his head. There is no hair growing around him.

Mr. Hu recalled that Xiaoyang claimed that his scald and ear injury were caused by his stepmother Xiao, who poured hot water from the pot into the ladle and spilled the boys trousers. Mr. Hu said that the childs ear should be stabbed with a cotton stick. Two pieces of cotton, not the doctors cotton, came out yesterday when the doctor put medicine on the ear. Mr. Hu also disclosed that the cleaner had come to the ward to clean, during which 84 disinfectants were used, and Xiaoyang smelled them and said, Mom, drink this for me.

Stepmothers offered to live with their children

Mr. Hu said that both Xiao and himself were remarried for two years. They had one son and one daughter in their first marriage, aged 7 and 8 respectively. After marriage, Xiao Yang, his son, lived with his grandparents, while Xiao and Xiao lived with their daughters. About half a year ago, Xiao Mou proposed to take Xiao Yang over, saying that she could teach him in learning. Mr. Hu said that he usually went out to work in the daytime and came home in the evening. Both children in his family were cared for by Xiao Mou full-time.

According to Mr. Hu, when Xiaoyang came to live, he sometimes found a small wound on his body. Because Xiaoyang said he made it himself, and Xiaomou seemed very good to himself and his children at home, he had no doubt about her. I thought it was two children playing together, but later it became clear that the child was afraid she would not speak. He said that after the scald happened, he only hated Xiao Mou, but now he only wanted to cure Xiao Yang first.

Mr. Hu said that at present, Xiaoyang scald has no major obstacles, but the hearing loss is more serious. Both ears have problems. One ear cant hear. He said that at about 11 oclock today, he took his son to Tianjin Second Childrens Hospital. Doctors said that surgery was needed. Tomorrow, the chief physician will decide whether to refer to Beijing or not.

Source: Qiao Jing_N6607, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper