The society should be tolerant when the expected salary of new students exceeds 8000. The market will give the answer.

 The society should be tolerant when the expected salary of new students exceeds 8000. The market will give the answer.

On December 20, an Internet job-hunting platform recently released the Comprehensive Report of the 16th China University Student Best Employer Survey, which put forward that the average expected salary of the graduates in 2019 is 8431 yuan. This eye-catching data, instantly let the public opinion boil up. From job seekers to college students, from wage earners to entrepreneurs, from the media to academia, all are discussing the rationality of this data, and what is the value of University graduates.

Without waiting for the heat to subside, the other news is to add fuel to the fire. A Shanghai blogger Tucao, his companys HR interviewed a job seeker who applied for the front desk. The girl who applied for the job said his salary requirement was not high. HR just wanted to relax his breath. The little girl threw out a sentence very quietly: 20 thousand yuan! He also said that he graduated from a famous university and that 20,000 yuan was not high. Although this message is only a network explosion, the details are not clear, but after the spread of forwarding, soon on the hot search.

In fact, there are many voices in the public opinion that todays college students are high-minded, low-handed and too demanding. Some of these voices come from wage earners who have not received such a high salary, and some from entrepreneurs who believe that college students are not worth the price. In such an atmosphere of public opinion, the news that college students are asking for 20,000 yuan to apply for the front desk perfectly caters to the imagination of many netizens about arrogant College students. Therefore, it has become a network explosion easily, and further deepens the publics prejudice.

In the face of 20,000 yuan news, it seems perfectly correct to condemn the college students who do not know who they are and criticize the average expected salary of the college students. However, the group that should be the most concerned has lost its voice in the public opinion, which is the fresh college graduates who are busy around during the job hunting season. Few people are willing to listen: What is the reason for some college students to raise such high expectations of salary? How can they prove that their abilities are worthy of such remuneration?

In fact, there are two reasons why people are dissatisfied with the average expected salary of the students. One is that the average expected salary they put forward is much higher than the average salary of the graduates in the past few years, which inevitably gives the impression that they are above the top. The other is that the average expected salary they put forward is much higher than that of many senior workers. Its high, and its easy to feel unbalanced. However, the talent market is an open market, rather than one side has the final say. Talents and employers should negotiate on an equal footing and make bidirectional choices, instead of unilaterally setting prices and asking for them. Everyone has the right to propose a salary that meets their expectations, and the market will naturally give a reasonable answer as to whether the expected salary can be met and whether it is commensurate with its level.

In the dynamic talent market, only when both sides of labor and management can fully express their needs, can they get the salary level reflecting the supply-demand relationship in the real market. If the university students are required to depress themselves and lower the expected salary level before the bargaining begins, it will create an imbalance in the talent market which is beneficial to the employers and ultimately depress the overall salary level.

College students may not really know the world. They dont know what the job market has always been and may overestimate their own standards. However, as new members of society who are about to assume social responsibility, they are qualified to ask for remuneration on their own judgement. Their expected salary may be higher than the actual salary, but as the old saying goes, the best way is to get the right one. Only by allowing job seekers to boldly make their own demands, can the overall salary of society be closer to a reasonable level. Realistic society and market will eventually grind the unrealistic edges of last years young people and make them mature. Before that, it was absolutely unnecessary for them to break their wings and lay down their reserve and pride.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Gan Wenbin_NBJS7621