Self-portrait photos of less than 3 yuan circle of friends were sold on the Internet

 Self-portrait photos of less than 3 yuan circle of friends were sold on the Internet

Every reporter Li Keyu and every editor Li Jinghan

Nowadays, self-portrait has become an indispensable part of many womens lives: self-portrait for enjoying afternoon tea, self-portrait for watching ballet and self-portrait for visiting famous mountains and rivers.

However, when you take out your self-timer and examine it carefully, and show off these photos on micro-blogs and micro-letters, and get dozens of comments on Mei Mei Dai, have you ever thought that these self-timer photos posted on social platforms might become tools of micro-merchants fraud, or even be used by criminals to promote pornography business?

Recently, there is such a news, which has aroused a heated discussion among netizens, especially female netizens: a media survey found that on the network platform, 35 female life photos can be bought at a price as low as 19 yuan. Some pictures are even printed on small cards. How did such a terrible thing happen? In response, Daily Economic News reporters launched an investigation.

Beauty Living Photo Underground Sales

The reporter opens an e-commerce platform and searches for the keywords mentioned in the report to solicit business. From the search results, the e-commerce platform has cleaned up the keywords, and the reporters have not searched the shops that sell private photos.

However, some online stores continue to sell large quantities of photos suspected of violating other peoples privacy in a more covert way. For example, an online store sells so-called breast enhancement contrast maps at a price of 2.88 yuan. Its page description says that these photos can be used for copywriting materials of breast enhancement products sold by micro-merchants.

After the reporter contacted the seller and successfully purchased, he received a web link, which was about 50MB in size. It included more than 300 pictures of women with full breasts, mainly life photos and self-photos. Most of these pictures are rough and have obvious signs of piracy from the Internet. When inquiring about customer service in online stores, customer service also clearly indicated that these pictures were collected online.

For the reporters query, customer service said that there would be no infringement of these photos. However, after looking at these photos in detail, the reporter found that many of them can clearly see the features of the photographers facial features and clearly show the photographers portrait, which will involve the issue of portrait rights.

In addition to the so-called breast enhancement contrast map, the shop also sells acne elimination contrast map and whitening contrast map and other products. From the public information, there is no so-called Beauty Life Photo. But after contacting customer service, the reporter found that the product was still sold underground. According to customer service, if you want to buy this kind of product, you need to add a micro-signal, after sending a red envelope to it, you can get further information.

In another online store, sales of so-called circle of friends photos are relatively less obscure. On the home page of the shop, there is a link called real cover girl of Weixin circle of friends.

However, due to similar news reports in recent years, the customer service of this shop is more cautious. When the reporter asked where the photos were from, the customer service did not reply. However, the reporter found on the online store page that it clearly indicated that these photos were collected by the network.

Grabbing No Benefit, No Benefit for Network Pictures

Where does the picture come from? Daily Economic News reporter noted that with the help of tools, online businesses can collect a large number of pictures in a cost-free way for profit.

After searching online, reporters found that there are many tools that claim to be able to collect photos in batches on multiple platforms, such as micro-blog, and some even free of charge.

In this kind of software, as long as the users photo album address is input, the pictures can be exhausted in one net. Reporters take a well-known female stars micro-blog as an example, as long as you enter a link to her album, you can automatically download all the pictures in the album. In addition, users are free to choose the number of pictures they want to grab. For example, if you enter the option of grabbing 1-3 pages of pictures in the software, the software will automatically wipe out the first three pages of pictures in the female stars micro-blog album.

Whats the use of buying these private photos? Reporters learned that, in addition to the photos mentioned in the reports were printed on small cards, they were also used in micro-commerce advertisements or false propaganda. For example, in the so-called breast enhancement material map folder purchased by journalists, in addition to female pictures, hundreds of so-called breast enhancement product advertising copy are attached.

In the recent Wechat Tea Sale fraud, which has been repeatedly seized by public security organs, a large number of young womens life photos and self-photos are also commonly used tools by fraudsters. Some micro-signals use the above-mentioned ways to buy photos, pretend to be beautiful women to deceive the trust of the other side, and then sell low-cost tea for various reasons, thus succeeding in the fraud.

In June this year, the Huizhou Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province issued a message that it had successfully cracked down a large telecommunication network fraud criminal gang that used Wechat to make friends and commit fraud.

According to reports, the suspect used Wechat to disguise as a tea seller to publish false information to make friends, and then used fictional family misery, birthdays, lovelorn and public fried tea to deceive micro-credit users of sympathy, and sold tea at 580 yuan, 880 yuan, 1280 yuan and other prices. Tea Seller cheats money by sending inferior tea at a price of only about 50 yuan to the owner.

What laws are specifically violated by the act of selling photographs of others? Daily Economic News reporters learned that if such photos on the Internet appear the portrait of the person being photographed, or the portrait is not clearly covered, it involves the infringement of citizensportrait rights.

Article 100 of the General Principles of Civil Law stipulates that Citizens enjoy the right to portrait. Without their consent, they may not use their portraits for profit.

The Supreme Peoples Courts opinions on Several Issues concerning the implementation of the General Principles of Civil Law (trial implementation) are more clear: For profit-making purposes, without the consent of citizens, the use of their portraits for advertising, trademarks, window decoration, etc., should be recognized as violations of citizensright to portrait.

In the above cases, it is illegal for online stores to sell other peoples portrait photos to users for profit. If there are micro-merchants using the purchased portrait photos to attract business, it is also for profit purposes, so it also violates the relevant laws and regulations.

Beauty Living Photos Selled by E-commerce Platform are photographed by journalist Li Keyu

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056