Driversincomes fell from 30,000 to 6,000 near the new standard red line

 Driversincomes fell from 30,000 to 6,000 near the new standard red line

Journalist Liu Sihui

According to the joint requirements of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security, all platforms will be fully cleared of unqualified vehicles and drivers by December 31, 2018, and basically achieve the compliance of netbook platforms companies, vehicles and drivers.

There are only 10 days left before the last red line. From the most brilliant time of the Internet car, we can get 30,000 yuan a month, to now, we can barely get 6,000 yuan. The gap is not only money, but also security.

I am from Hebei Province, and I have obtained the local qualification certificate of online car appointment. Next year, according to the requirements, I will not be able to open an online car appointment in Beijing. At that time, the more than 5,000 yuan loan on my back will become a problem. Li Daxun (not his real name), who has been engaged in online car dating for more than three years, told Securities Daily that he got up at 6 a.m. and didnt close until 11 p.m., so that his income could barely sustain his expenses.

Since this year, with the two vicious incidents of free-riders ringing the alarm bell to the leader of net-appointed cars, Droplet said on December 18 that after receiving the notification of the inspection team of the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting on Safety Inspection on November 28, the safety committee led by Cheng Wei, CEO of the company immediately convened an internal special meeting to study the inspection results and carefully study the inspection results. Requirements for rectification.

According to the requirements of the competent authorities and the Joint Inspection Unit, and in accordance with the different requirements for vehicle wheelbase, displacement and vehicle price in the implementation rules of network car contracting in different places, we will formulate compliance objectives in different cities, stages, actively organize driver training, and work with partners to encourage and guide drivers to apply for certificates, overcome difficulties, speed up the process of platform certificates and fully implement the compliance work. This process may affect the travel experience in some areas, and also solicits the understanding of the vast number of users.

Income of net-appointed car drivers declined

At six oclock in the morning, Li Daxun got up to wash and wash, went out at six-thirty and drove his own black modern car around Beijing. The down payment for this car is 150,000 yuan. Now, the car loan is more than 2,000 yuan a month, plus the housing loan is more than 3,000 yuan. Only 5,000 yuan a month can maintain the basic expenses, which does not include the maintenance fee, fuel fee and living expenses of the car.

Li Daxu, an online taxi driver, came to Beijing from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province in 1989 to beg for food. Nearly 30 years later, Li Daxun was still running in the streets of Beijing, but the way of running changed from a truck to a private car.

I was driving a truck before I made an appointment on the internet. Because it was too hard to drive a truck, I needed to take shifts. One person drove 24 hours in a row, took another day off, and then drove 24 hours. I was too old to eat. Li Daxun told reporters that he had already made an online car appointment for three years. Because he came to Beijing early, before he started to buy a car, Li Daxun had successfully purchased two cars. In other words, he had two Beijing licenses. Now its impossible to drive a license outside of the online car appointment. Because Ive been driving a truck for a long time and have a Beijing license in advance, otherwise I dont know what to do now. To repay the mortgage and car loans. ?

Nevertheless, the situation of net-appointed car drivers is also changing. In the absence of incentives, it is impossible to support themselves solely by pulling money alone. Li Daxun said that the incentive policy now is to pull up 10 hours a day, which includes the time for drivers to pick up passengers and the time for passengers on the bus, not the time for empty cars to run on the road, but only 10 hours for empty cars to run on the road. Only when a certain amount of money is rewarded, plus a months receipt of the single bill of lading, can it be close to 6,000 yuan.

Compared with three years ago, this income gap is huge. At the time of the highest income, Li Daxun could earn 1,000 yuan or 30,000 yuan per month after cutting out the fuel, living expenses and maintenance expenses. However, the most brilliant period has already passed, and after making such a long online appointment, Li Daxun thought that he could not adapt to other types. Work, This degree of freedom of work is very large, and to do similar binding work such as security has not adapted itself, and security wages are too low, more than 3000 yuan a month can not cover the current expenditure at all.

The Red Line of Clearing-up Time Comes

Even such a job will bring about changes.

On December 31, 2018, according to the regulations, the platform for online car booking should completely remove the unqualified vehicles and drivers, and basically achieve the compliance of the platform, vehicles and drivers.

The leader of the online contract car said that the progress of compliance work in all regions of the country will continue to be announced to the public. He sincerely hopes that millions of drivers of online contract car can operate legally and in compliance, and contribute to userssafe and convenient travel. At the same time, drip will continue to promote the upgrading of the taxi industry and integration with the development of online car appointment, and work with peer partners to promote the stability of the industry.

It can be predicted that the online car market will inevitably be affected in 2019. Some users reported to the Journal of Securities that after the new regulations, many non-conforming cars such as Beijing Brand can not meet the requirements, and now there are more black cars in many streets of Beijing.

As for the approaching of the final timetable for the implementation of the rules, Li Daxun did not seem too anxious: If there is no accident, but also want to continue to drive, so many years in Beijing do not want to leave, this platform can not be there are other platforms.

There are indeed new entrants to the market, such as the American taxi market which entered in April this year, and at the end of August this year, Jingdongs company added a new network booking taxi business to its business scope, which is regarded by the outside world as a move to enter the online taxi market. In October, Hello traveled with the help of the resources of the first automobile appointment, also launched the taxi entrance, and began to enter the network appointment business.

Traditional car companies are also in the market. For example, in October this year, Daimler and Geely announced the formation of a joint venture to provide high-end private car travel services. Geely has already launched the Cao Cao special car business. In November, SAIC launched a mid-high-end online car booking platform Enjoy Road Travel. BMW China is one step ahead. On December 14, BMWs online car appointment service was launched in Chengdu. The first batch of 200 BMW 5 series commercial cars equipped with full-time drivers were launched.

Faced with the new entrants, how many Li Daxun choices are there under the new regulations?

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yao Liwei_NT6056