Xu Jiayin once invited village leaders to dinner for driving tractors. A team of chief executives drank seven bottles of liquor on an empty stomach to make luxury cars.

 Xu Jiayin once invited village leaders to dinner for driving tractors. A team of chief executives drank seven bottles of liquor on an empty stomach to make luxury cars.

Not long ago, President Hengda Xu Jiayin returned to his hometown to visit relatives and donated 650 million yuan to support the construction of his hometown. In fact, few people know that Xu Jiayin once invited the village head to eat for a chance to drive a tractor in his hometown. From now on, the wine may have changed Xu Jiayins fate to some extent, and he will be able to start in the future in the political and business circles and even in the football circles of China.

Zhao Benshan Drink Table Fried Coach, Ma Yun Wine Table into Hengda

Zhao Benshan, Li Tie, Xu Liang and other members of Liao Foot Team

Yan Shiduo smoothed the football rebellion between talking and laughing, Zhao Benshan also showed his temperament, and the head coach was furious at the table, but the legend goes beyond that. Do you remember Ma Yuns stake in Evergrande? As a northerner, Xu Jiayin told Ma Yun the truth when he was drunk: I told him that Hengda would increase capital and share in its development strategy. I said you could not get in? As a Zhejiang native, Ma Yun only said two words: Im in!

Xu Jiayin, Ma Yun and Scolari celebrate the Asian Championship

Kang Mengjun embraces Luneng players

One day, Kang Mengjun, Han Gongzheng and more than 10 old scoring guests just sat down in the biggest compartment of a high-end seafood restaurant in Haikou Food Street. Kang Mengjun took the lead in emptying a large glass and two pots, and asked all of you to drink one cup. Everyone looked at each other, but could not stand the hosts generosity and enthusiasm, and drank one cup at a time. Before the guests slowed down, Kang Mengjun held up another cup of Erguotou, and people waved their hands. Lao Kang didnt say much. A deep-water bomb, pouring a whole glass of liquor into a beer, once again shocked everyone and then drank a second second cup of second pot head. Nearly half a kilo of liquor, Lao Ji quickly entered into a state, the atmosphere warmed up, everyone and the new and old president quickly become one. Playing table tennis pays attention to controlling the first three boards, and drinking is the same! Kang Mengjun said. Absolutely, and will drink! This is the first comment of the old writers on Lunengs new and old masters after they wake up drunk.

Both chairmen of the Football Association have changed a lot because of a meal of wine.

Like Nanyong, who was imprisoned, his successor, Weddy, was also a drunken official with the reputation of Dionysus. It is said that Weidi liquor has reached an astonishing 2 kg. And he not only drinks well, but also drinks well. Atmospheric, honest, very good at training middle-level cadres, bold, righteous, honest, when talking about Wei Di, rowing national team coach Zhang Bei, Jiangxi womens rowing team coach Zhang Zhenping, Jiangsu rowing team coach Liu Jian, Guizhou Water Center director Liu Langru, and people who have worked with Wei Di in the heavy Sports Center said so. On one occasion, Wei Di went to a meeting in Chongqing and drank a lot of liquor during a fruit-belly meal less than an hour near the airport. His drinking momentum amazed the reception staff of Chongqing Sports Bureau.

Zhao Benshan once held a banquet for Lin Zhiling and Zhang Baizhi at his film and television base.

Xu Jiayin talks with Paulinio at Home Banquet