Woman prostitution was arrested and asked: mobile phone help shut down my husband back today

 Woman prostitution was arrested and asked: mobile phone help shut down my husband back today

As the public security organs intensify their efforts to crack down on pornographic sites, the traditional club-style and bathroom-style public activities concerning pornography have been difficult to find traces. In order to avoid investigation and punishment, a small number of criminal gangs contracted hotel rooms mobile operation, using the fashionable online-to-offline O2 model, prostitution and prostitution activities become more concealed. Recently, the Changsha Jingwanzi and Dongjing police stations jointly launched an investigation by Xiaoxiang Morning News Undercover Visit Group reporters after receiving a tip-off from Weixin.

The first time to do this, you can not deal with it. Can you help the mobile phone, my husband is back today... uuuuuuuuuuu On the evening of December 13, when the police investigated and dealt with the prostitution and prostitution nests, two women made these absurd requests. When a prostitute was caught, he was even playing the trick on the body. He crouched beside the garbage can pretending to be ill and kept vomiting loudly, taking the opportunity to pick up condoms on the ground in an attempt to escape punishment.

In order to evade the police investigation, some pornographic trading groups have transformed the guest room model and used Wechat to publish information, including mobile operation of hotel rooms, to provide paid pornographic services for people nearby. Recently, Changsha police broke down two prostitution sites and arrested 45 people involved.

Enjoy Luxury Hotel

Unannounced visits

Show room lounge, no guests

On the evening of December 8, investigators added a chat one-handed tweet named A Sunshine according to clues. Its personality signature was top-grade high-end spa. In the circle of friends, a large number of pictures and videos with heavy makeup and exposed women were published, and the matching text was very ambiguous.

Would you like to come, the price is 1100 to 1800 yuan, Guan-style one-stop service, 100 minutes unlimited number of times. After introducing the price service, the other party sent a positioning point to the Yueyue Luxury Hotel on Manglian Road. When the investigator arrived, Ma Zai went downstairs to meet him. Ma Zai checked the four digits sent by the chat one-handed Wechat and took the investigator to the prostitution place by the elevator with his card.

Just out of the elevator on the sixth floor, another Ma Zai came up, handed a cigarette and said, Brother, please take you to pick up your sister first. He swiped his card to open No. 8605 Draw Room. The ceiling was covered with several light bands. The light was pink, and the guest room was divided into two parts by curtain cloth. Ma Zai greeted the investigator to sit on the sofa. He opened the curtain and said to the inside, Out to meet the guests.

Four sexy women came out from behind the curtain and went up to the investigator, lined up word by word, and reported their labels and places of origin successively. Ma Zai on the side of the introduction, the first three 1400 yuan, the latter 1600 yuan, 100 yuan discount. The investigator looked at four people and then signaled go down first and asked Is there anybody else? He was told that a model will clock in half an hour.

Heres another room for your brother to rest in. The investigator was then taken to Lounge 8602 by Ma Zai, where four gang members were chatting and playing games. Just sitting down, a man handed over mineral water and smoke. Through chatting with him, he found that there were more than 10 technicians in the place. Because it was a weekend and a golden time in the evening, there were not many technicians to choose from. In order to reassure the investigators, the man also disclosed that the Hotel relations are well managed. Investigators noticed that business was good and customers kept coming in and out. The Mazai always greeted them warmly, but the two men were politely invited away. A Ma Zai said to the investigator privately, They didnt send an appointment in advance, and they didnt know and dared not receive it.

After waiting for about half an hour, a 1.7-meter-tall model returned to the draft room and charged 1,800 yuan for the service. The investigator offered to visit the show next time on the pretext that he did not look up to it. The Ma Zai kept working: Three technicians will clock in 12 minutes, service is absolutely assured, you can do as much money as you say...


Eighteen police officers were deployed and 26 were captured.

After several days of squatting, police officers at Jingwanzi police station have found out the way of the gangs lyrics and the law of its activities. On the evening of December 13, Jin Zhixun, deputy director of Rain Flower Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau, led by Wang Shuguang, director of Jingwanzi Police Station, dispatched 18 policemen to Yueyue Light Luxury Hotel for arrest.

Sit down and dont move. Were from the Public Security Bureau... At 9:13 p.m. on the 13th, 8602 Lounge had just opened a crack and plainclothes policemen guarding the door rushed in to control five men and one woman. Police also found a familiar face at the scene, How is it you again, this is the first time, the Ma Zai lied just come over. The police asked Ma Zai to swipe his card to open the 8605 Draft Room, in which a lyric man was preparing to pick a technician, and Ma Zai was introducing the service price. There were nine women behind the curtain. See the police raid, 11 people look flustered, chaotic, in order to avoid the camera, they quickly squatted on the ground.

After controlling the aforementioned nest, the mobile phone of chatting with one hand received voice and video calls from the men involved, and the police received the specific location of the place. Five men arrived and were also controlled. Subsequently, the police visited the investigation found that 8601, 8603 rooms came to the news, promptly called the hotel room manager to open the door.

In room 8603, a couple of prostitutes and prostitutes were caught. Men quickly covered their heads with quilts. The policemen pulled them apart. He panicked and pleaded not to take pictures while looking for clothes and put them on. He muttered Listen to me first. He pretended to be unwell, crouched beside the trash can and kept vomiting loudly. He took the opportunity to pick up condoms on the ground and tried to escape punishment, but was spotted by the police. In room 8601, the man involved looks calm and chews betel nut, while the woman who lost her feet has been cunning.

I didnt notice... during the rounds. The housekeeper tried to discard his responsibilities and was rebuked by the police on the spot. A draft room, a lounge, with lights and curtains inside, there are so many men and women coming in and out, (not noticed) Its impossible to explain why. You told your boss to take the initiative to go to the police station to cooperate with the investigation. That night, 26 men and women were brought back to Jingwanzi police station in batches for overnight examination.

Gaosheng Meida Hotel

Investigation of crimes

In order to avoid the attack of the police, they often change rooms.

On the evening of December 8, the investigator left Yueyue Light Luxury Hotel on the pretext that he did not see it. The above A Sunshine and Chat with one hand sent a message, Brother, do you want to go to another venue to see how good-looking your sister is, 1300-2100 yuan, 300 yuan discount for the whole venue. Later, the orientation of the post pointed to Changsha Gaosheng Meida Hotel.

You go up to the eighteenth floor and someone answers you. The detective just got out of the elevator and was taken to room 1826 at the end of the corridor by Ma Zai. After knocking on the door, a young woman opened the door and said, Brother, please inside. This is an upscale suite. Outside is the living room, inside the sliding door is the bedroom. Three technicians come out and stand in a row in front of the investigators. Ma Zai introduces, The first beauty is 1700 yuan, the last two models are 2100 yuan, and other price technicians are on the clock. See if you like to be small or tall... The investigator motioned not looking. At this time, the technicians returned to the room, and two other girls in casual clothes walked outside the door. Ma Zai said, They have just been selected to go upstairs to serve in the guest room. In order to persuade investigators to consume, Ma Zai detailed the service content, saying that now, unlike before, picking girls can also be elected by sea. Now we have basically transformed into a guest room model, a draft suite, 15 rooms upstairs for service, 80% of the venues are like this.

After more than 10 minutes, Ma Zai took two Lyric men into the house to select a talent show. In order to avoid embarrassment, the investigator was politely invited out. As soon as he got to the elevator entrance, Ma Zai followed him and prepared to go downstairs to pick up the guests. Four more guests are coming.

Investigators found that in order to avoid the attack of the public security organs, the group would frequently change rooms. On the evening of December 15, after careful deployment, the Dongjing Police Station dispatched more than 30 police forces to the Gaosheng Meida Hotel in Changsha, arrested 19 people involved, took them back to the office for overnight examination, and interviewed the hotel manager. At present, the case is being further investigated.

Special treatment

Wechat handles more than 3500 pornographic accounts

Recently, Wechat Personal Account Pornography Special Governance Bulletin said that publishing malicious content such as pornography and vulgarity on the network platform seriously violated the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and violated the Wechat platform norms. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state and relevant agreement norms, the Wechat platform will resolutely crack down on relevant personal accounts and chat groups, and cooperate with the public security organs to deal with them.

According to userscomplaints, Wechat recently found that some users still use Wechats personal account, friends circle, drifting bottle and other functions to publish pornographic content or pornographic advertising information. To this end, the Wechat security team carried out a special clean-up, and will continue to strike. According to the severity of the violation, the security team of Wechat handled the pornographic malicious accounts gradiently as follows: including and not limited to restricting the use of functions (such as shielding circles of friends, lbs, shaking, drifting bottles, greetings, etc.) or closing accounts. If the circumstances are serious, they will be closed permanently.

Lawyers statement

Hotel or accomplice suspected of organizing prostitution

Lawyer Liu Ming, Executive Director of Hunan Ruibang Law Firm, said that Article 66 of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security: Whoever engages in prostitution or whores in prostitution shall be detained for not less than ten days but not more than fifteen days, and may also be fined not more than five thousand yuan; if the circumstances are mild, he shall be detained for not more than five days or not more than five hundred yuan. Article 358 of the Criminal Law: Crime of organizing prostitution: Those who organize or force others to engage in prostitution shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than ten years and shall also be fined; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment, and shall also be fined or confiscated property.

If the hotel operator knows about this and actively provides the place, the operator is suspected of being an accomplice of the crime of organizing prostitution. Lawyer Liu Ming reminded that the Internet is not an extrajudicial place, through the network to implement any suspected crime suspected of illegal acts may be punished.

A grass-roots police officer in Changsha said that low registration threshold and weak privacy protection were the main reasons for the vulnerability of Wechat-related prostitution and prostitution crimes. Police said that criminals generally register multiple accounts at the same time, using aliases to commit crimes, which brings difficulties to solve the case.

Will there be any difference in sentencing between Wechat and ordinary lyrics? Lawyers of a law firm in Changsha introduced that the use of Wechat to introduce prostitution and prostitution is a criminal offence with strong concealment, wide harm and great difficulty in investigation. Therefore, judges generally have a slight discretion in sentencing.

Trick and cheat

Money fraud: Peng Mou, a citizen, intends to illegally solicit lyrics through people near Weixin. What he never expected was that after the other party remitted 18,000 yuan in various names, he still did not provide service.

Fairy jump: suspect Zhang, Chiang, Lee to attract prostitution woman Tian Mou, in the form of WeChat inviting prostitutes, seduce the victim Zhang in a hotel open room sexual relations after the implementation of the immortal jump, three suspects entered the room with a knife threat, WeChat and Alipay transfer way to forcibly grab Zhang 55700 yuan.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News