The Mother Selling Vegetables to Return Compensation for the Fire Caused by the Son Seven Years Creditor Abandoned Compensation

 The Mother Selling Vegetables to Return Compensation for the Fire Caused by the Son Seven Years Creditor Abandoned Compensation

Creditors give up part of the compensation. Everyone has a hard time.

Law has temperature

When the executed and some of the applicants are in difficulty, the court initiates judicial assistance.

On the morning of December 19, Wang Huiqin (alias) stood alone in front of the vegetable stall, peeling peas while greeting customers. Wang Huiqin, 49, is wearing a dark down jacket and an apron. Her hair is tied with a rubber band to a ponytail. At the middle line of Qi Dynasty, the white invention is obvious. Speaking of life in the past few years, Wang Huiqin said calmly, No matter how hard it is, now the pressure is low, I hope the doll will read more books and find a good job in the future.

Wang Huiqins pressure stems from August 5, 2011, when her son Xiaohui lit candles at home to find toys, triggering a fire, which resulted in the burning down of several houses in his home and neighborhood, causing serious losses. On January 4, 2013, seven affected neighbours sued Wang Huiqin and his wife in court for damages totalling 1.49 million yuan. After mediation by the undertaking officer, Wang Huiqin, acting as Xiaohuis legal agent, agreed to compensate seven people, including Huang Mou, for damages caused by fire accidents totalling 255,000 yuan by January 30, 2014.

For Wang Huiqin, who lives by selling vegetables at a stall in the vegetable market, 250,000 yuan is an astronomical figure. I dont know when it will be finished. For her son, she kept her promise and saved every cent by selling vegetables at a stall. In the end, Wang Huiqins honesty touched the court, but also touched the creditors, and got many understanding and help. After seven years of debt repayment, on September 13 this year, Wang Huiqin paid off the last debt, and the tremendous pressure was relieved.


Parents face high compensation for their sons accidental fire

Recalling what happened on August 5, 2011, Wang Huiqins eyes suddenly turned red and she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her hands.

On that day, Xiaohui, a 7-year-old son, came to the bedroom with a lighted candle to look for toys. He accidentally set off a fire, which caused damage to his home and seven neighborshouses. According to seven neighborsestimates, the total loss is millions of yuan.

More than one million yuan, I never thought of so much money in my life. Wang Huiqin said she went from the countryside to the city and made a living selling vegetables. When she heard the number put forward by her neighbours, she collapsed on the spot. Wang Huiqin couldnt believe that his son would make such a mistake, but now its over and can only bear it.

Wang Huiqins hometown is in the countryside of Jingchang Street, Jiangyang District, Luzhou City. In 2006, she and her husband went to the city to work. They mainly depended on her to sell vegetables to support their family. Her husband occasionally worked, but his income was small.

The high amount of compensation for Wang Huiqins family is undoubtedly worse. After the accident, Wang Huiqindong patched up 7,000 yuan and paid each household 1,000 yuan in advance, while the rest of the money really could not be repaid at that time.

On January 4, 2013, seven neighbours, Huang Mou and Qiao Mou, sued Wang Huiqin and his wife to the Peoples Court of Longmatan District in Luzhou City for damages totalling 1.49 million yuan.


Morning greedy black vegetables to pay back, at least 13 yuan a day to save

After mediation by the undertaking officer, Wang Huiqin, as Xiaohuis legal agent, agreed to recognize the loss of real property burned in the fire according to 750 yuan per square metre, movable property according to 20 yuan per square metre, and compensate seven people such as Huang Mou for the total loss caused by the fire accident before January 30, 2014.

250,000 yuan is still an astronomical figure. Wang Huiqin said that for the sake of his son, it is difficult to return it. However, according to the net income of selling vegetables every day of 60 yuan to calculate, do not eat or drink, it will take 12 years to pay off.

In order to repay the money as quickly as possible, Wang Huiqin saved money. Every morning, she gets up at 5 oclock and rushes to the food market at the wharf to set up a stall to sell vegetables. Breakfast, eat some porridge steamed bread to deal with; lunch, return to the rental house to cook in white water, dinner, eat leftovers at noon. Only when her son comes home every week will she buy some meat for him to eat. At the same time, Wang Huiqin also took over the work of cleaning the rental toilets.

After the mediation came into effect, Wang Huiqin failed to perform. Speaking of the reasons, Wang Huiqin blamed himself, but was helpless. Really there is no money to pay back.

In November 2014, seven people, including Huang Mou and Qiao Mou, applied to the court for enforcement. According to the investigation by the executive judge, Wang Huiqin makes a living selling vegetables under very difficult conditions. At the same time, five of the seven applicants are over 60 years old, and their lives are difficult to varying degrees.

Wu Qijun, deputy president of Longmatan District Peoples Court, was the executive judge of the case. He introduced that the case was quite special. In view of the above situation, the court initiated the judicial relief procedure and applied to the District Political and Legal Committee for a judicial relief fund of 51,000 yuan for advance compensation. Wang Huiqin also promised to repay 400 yuan a month, in addition to family expenses, if economic conditions improve, as much as possible.

In order to ensure timely payment of repayments, Wang Huiqin draws out 13 yuan a day to exist on one side, and saves more time. At 400 yuan, she went to the court and handed it over to the other party in front of the judge. Its about five or six kilometers from the rental house to the court. Most of the time, Wang Huiqin walks.

During the repayment period, the executive judge Wu Qijun met with the parties several times, organized and coordinated, and obtained the consent of all the applicants, agreeing to waive a certain amount of compensation. Wang Huiqin agreed to change the monthly payment of 400 yuan to one by one. As of February this year, only one case of Jiang has not been completed.

According to statistics, among the 255,000 yuan of compensation, seven applicants voluntarily gave up more than 120,000 yuan of compensation. The applicant who gave up the most compensation was Song Mou, who gave up more than 40,000 yuan.


The applicant gave up part of the compensation voluntarily and the road to repay the debts was over.

On September 13 this year, in the trial court of Longmatan Court, Wang Huiqin handed over nearly 10,000 yuan of compensation to the 78-year-old applicant Jiang Mou. So far, the seven-year debt repayment road has come to an end. At this time, Wang Huiqin was full of tears. She said that the big stone in her heart finally fell to the ground.

Wu Qijun was deeply impressed by Wang Huiqins repayment. He said that Wang Huiqins family was in financial difficulties. Although her repayment ability was limited, she was honest, did not evade, and actively repaid the money. The case can be executed, not only because Wang Huiqins positive repayment attitude moved the applicant, but also because the applicant gave up part of the compensation on his own initiative.

Wu Qijun said that the 78-year-old applicant Jiang Mou also had difficult conditions, but voluntarily gave up the compensation of 8,000 yuan. In August this year, the court applied for 18,000 yuan of insurance relief and transferred it to its account recently. The 78-year-old told reporters that it is not easy for everyone to understand each other.


I hope my son will study hard and find a good job when he grows up.

Wang Huiqin told reporters that, in fact, during the period of arrears, all the applicants expressed sympathy and understanding for her, and did not specifically ask for her account. But their families are also facing difficulties, prosecution, application for enforcement are obligatory, so she does not blame anyone.

Wang Huiqin and her husband have a son and a daughter. Her daughter is 29 years old. She is married and her son is in junior high school.

Wang Huiqin said that after the incident, she blamed her son, but did not mention it later. She was worried about the impact on her son. My son is also very sensible. Every week when he comes home, he helps to sell vegetables and arrange vegetable stalls. He never spends money at random. Nowadays, Wang Huiqin only wants his son to study hard, read more books and find a good job when he grows up.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Chengdu Business Daily