Philippine Boxing Kings Birthday: The President arrives to congratulate the scene raffle to send the car

 Philippine Boxing Kings Birthday: The President arrives to congratulate the scene raffle to send the car

The Philippine boxing champion celebrated his 40th birthday with the presence of President Dutt. (Photo Source: French Media)

On December 19, China Daily. com, electric boxing has always been the strong point of Europeans and Americans. Asians seldom get the world-class gold belt, and it is even harder to get the universal recognition of Europeans and Americans. However, Manny Pacquiao, the legendary boxing champion from the Philippines, has done so. He is now the second middleweight champion of WBA (World Boxing Federation). He has won eight world championships, nicknamed Asian Destroyer, and is a national treasure figure of the Philippines. On December 18, Pacquiaos 40th birthday, he held a grand birthday party at the KCC Convention Center in his hometown, General Santos. Philippine President Rodrigo Dutelt personally congratulated him. A raffle was also held at the gathering. A car, two pickup trucks and many household appliances were carried home by lucky guests.

I feel stronger and faster. Thanks to Gods grace, I became wiser at 40, but I still feel like Im 25. Pacquiao said he was looking forward to playing American boxer Adrian Bronner in Las Vegas on January 19 next year, hoping to defend his WBA middleweight title. I believe the best is yet to come. You havent seen the best Manny Pacquiao yet.

Pacquiao was born in poverty, dropped out of school when he was young, once sleeping on the street, and later joined the Philippine Junior Boxing Team. He took the responsibility of supporting his family with a pair of fists. Apart from being a professional boxer, Pacquiao served as a Senator in the Philippines.

Boxing is my passion and public service is my mission, Pacquiao said.

On the day before the birthday party, Pacquiao personally delivered 2,000 large food-filled gift bags to the impoverished residents of General Santos City, a tradition of his birthday celebrations. Some ordinary people were also allowed to participate in the birthday party held on the 18th.

We are grateful that he never forgot to help us and the poor voters, said Sarah Baggas, a sanitation worker, who lined up on the morning of the 18th to collect the lottery tickets and food stamps for Pacquiaos birthday party.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of China Daily Network