Rabbits really bite! The little girl was bitten off her ring finger when she was feeding vegetable leaves.

 Rabbits really bite! The little girl was bitten off her ring finger when she was feeding vegetable leaves.

On the afternoon of the 19th, a reader called 85100000 hotline to report that a little girl about one year old had her right ring finger bitten off by a rabbit and had just been sent to a plastic surgery hospital.

Internship reporter Liu Kang verified the report:

At 3:30 p.m., I came to Hangzhou Plastic Hospital. It was learned that the child was one and a half years old this year. My father was taking the child to break the cold needle. The childs mother, in her 30s, looked very upset sitting in the clinic, holding a mass of toilet paper in her hand, repeatedly kneading and crushing it, all broken.

The mother said that they were dragon tourists. They had two children. The older one was in kindergarten and the younger one was over one year old. These two days I went back to my mothers house. During the day, only grandparents and grandparents took care of the children. I never imagined that such a thing would happen.

She told me that because her classmates had bought rabbits and her eldest daughter had been quarrelling about raising rabbits, she bought two rabbits for her two daughters to play with. The white rabbit biting the child was bought in April this year and has been kept for half a year.

Their rabbits were in their backyard and built a shed in the backyard. Usually Grandpa will go to feed some vegetables and radishes, the children do not contact many. Recently, they have been demolished near their home. The shed in their backyard has been demolished, and the rabbits are kept at their doors.

At about 9 oclock this morning, my little daughter, over one year old, went to feed the rabbits with her vegetable leaves. Grandma was cooking in the kitchen. The child was bitten by a rabbit somehow. At that time, the childs right ring finger was bitten off by the rabbit, leaving the skin. The mother said, sighing and shaking her head. It was very painful.

(Big biting rabbit)

My mother and I said that after the accident, they rushed the child to the local hospital in Quzhou, but because of the serious injury, the doctor suggested to come to Hangzhou for treatment, so they hurried to take a taxi and went directly from Longyou to Hangzhou, which cost thousands of yuan.

I also saw in the hospital just ready to break the cold needle children, the childs mood has stabilized, the ring finger is also covered with thick gauze.

The doctor asked the parents in the clinic, Do you want to connect your fingers?

The mother said she couldnt make up her mind.

The doctor called to the childs father and asked if he had thought it over. The mother said to his father, Ill listen to you, and I wont complain about anything in the future.

The father said, My heart is in turmoil...

The mother said to herself, What if she survives?

The doctor then told them again: It takes about a week to know if the finger is successful after the finger is connected, and the survival rate of the finger depends on the blood vessel condition of the child, and whether the rabbit bite can cause bacterial infections, and even if the finger is connected, there may be necrosis and underdevelopment. The child is still young, normal people need a week of rest, she can move, not control.

The childs father said, Im really in a dilemma. She is a little girl. If its a boy, thats all.


The reporter learnt before leaving the hospital that the couple finally decided to connect the severed finger to the child. The total cost of treatment was about 20,000 yuan.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Ji Xueying_NN6784