White House announces the withdrawal of troops from Syria Trump: defeated the Islamic State

 White House announces the withdrawal of troops from Syria Trump: defeated the Islamic State

According to reports, Sanders said in his statement that five years ago, the Islamic State was a very powerful and dangerous force in the Middle East, but now the United States has defeated them. She added that the United States and its allies would continue to work to combat the presence, funding and all infiltration of radical Islamic terrorists. A U.S. official told Reuters on the 19th that all U.S. State Department staff will leave Syria within 24 hours, and all U.S. military personnel will leave immediately after the completion of the final strike against the Islamic State.

Allegedly, the U.S. military currently has about 2,000 soldiers in Syria, the main task is to combat the extremist organization Islamic State. US President Trump tweeted on the 19th that we defeated the Islamic State in Syria. During my presidency, thats the only reason why the U.S. military stayed there.

It is understood that Trump had promised to withdraw from Syria during the election campaign, and has been looking for opportunities since then. U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse said in August that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria would only begin after the complete defeat of the Islamic State and the active promotion of the Geneva peace talks process.

According to US media analysis, Turkish President Erdogan had previously said that Turkish authorities would launch an offensive against Kurdish forces armed by the United States to combat the Islamic State organizations in Iraq and Syria. Trump chose to withdraw from Syria at this time because he feared that Turkeys actions would pose a threat to U.S. troops stationed in Syria.

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