Girls raise pigs for millions of years: they will always be the best veterinarian in the pig industry

 Girls raise pigs for millions of years: they will always be the best veterinarian in the pig industry

There is a mine at home. It looks sweet. Why does the younger sister raise pigs?

What is unexpected is that Xiao Fang, a sweet looking 90 year old woman, has moved into a pigsty and built a bed in the same way as she used to do in winter. After raising pig for several years, she had deep feelings for her own pig. One day, less than a pig farm, she felt that she had lost something and even felt irritable. Raising pigs has become an indispensable part of her life.

Xiao Fang was born in 1991, from Huangshi, Hubei Province. The town where her family lived was rich in coal resources, and her father had completed the original accumulation by running coal mines in the early days. After the coal business ended, in 2008, the family saw the pig price rising year by year, and * * a pig farm.

What is the reason for this Yan Duan, a wealthy woman with a good family, to be willing to devote herself to the pig industry, but also willing to be baited? In a chat with the Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu, she said that through her own efforts, the pig industry has been recognized by others, and proudly said, She will keep raising pigs until she is old, to be the best veterinarian in Chinas pig industry.

Xiao Fangben is also a girl who loves beauty. The light eyebrows are carefully decorated. The long eyelashes flicker like two small brushes. They shine so brightly that people feel a pair of beautiful big eyes to palpitate. They are extremely flexible and spiritual.

How could such a beautiful girl think of raising pigs?* In an interview with Ziniu journalist, she also admitted that at the earliest stage, she was not willing, It can be said that it is simply forced helpless.

At first, they were tricked*into going to the pig farm by their parents.

In the third grade of junior high school, Xiao Fang failed in the middle school entrance examination and stayed at home and refused to go out. Speaking of why she didnt continue to go to school, Xiao Fang felt a little sad. At that time, because of physical reasons, she didnt want to go to a good high school. My mother was a teacher, and I also had a high demand for myself. If she couldnt go to the best high school, she would not go at all.

Because the psychological gap is too big, the students who should be key high schools can only stay at home. Her parents knew that she was in high spirits and did not persuade her, but in order to let her get more temper, Xiao Fang was asked to go to the pig farm to help.*

Xiao Fang delivers pigs to pigs

She couldnt accept it. How can a beautiful girl of mine go to such a dirty place? Xiao Fang felt very helpless about her parentsdecision. She wanted to go out to the world for a long time, but she couldnt get what she wanted. I didnt promise it, but now Im under their supervision. But Im a girl, and Im soft-hearted. They coaxed me with a few good words, so I can only promise it. Xiao Fang said that she was entirely deceived by her parents.

Its hard to work outside, so I think its better to go home and raise pigs.

Xiao Fang has five brothers and sisters in her family. She ranks third, along with her elder sister, who entered the pig farm. In the first year, Xiao Fang was rather inconsistent with this job. At first, I didnt have a good feeling for pigs. I thought they were stupid and dirty. The stinking people in the pigsty went off to work. When Xiao Fang recalled those days, her memory was blurred. As she said, When you dont put your emotions into it, you cant remember things.

Young people always yearn for the outside world in their hearts and thirst for more freedom. Such a day lasted about a year. Xiao Fang could not bear it any longer. She was still not interested in raising pigs, so she urged her to go out and rush. Family members have no choice but to try to let her look for opportunities outside.

With a junior high school diploma in mind, Xiao Fangs job search is extremely arduous. She is constantly traveling in Wuhan and Huangshis various talent markets, but the results are not satisfactory.

Eventually, she worked as a waiter, not only hard not to say, but also often suffered from other peoples difficulties. Only when Xiao Fang was single, did she feel that life was so difficult. She began to think about life again. I cant carry dishes like this all my life, so what hope can I have in my life? After a fierce ideological struggle, Xiao Fang, who was worried about her future, felt that she might as well go home and raise pigs instead of wandering outside. In 2011, Xiao Fang returned home again and officially started her pig-raising career.

Pig-raising*became an expert*in 7 years and artificial respiration saved hundreds of pigs

Although the pig failed to fall in love at first sight, but after re entering the pig farm, with the passage of time, Xiao Fang gradually grew up with her little pigs.

Speaking of the bitterness and happiness in the process of pig raising, Xiao Fang still can not forget the deep fear of the first time he took out pigs.

Dig pig means that when sows are difficult to give birth, they try to pull out the pigs head together with the sows. Before several times, I dare not. My sister didnt force me. Later, she insisted that I should do it myself, because this step was almost the simplest operation, and I couldnt help crying while digging, and finally failed.

Looking back on the scene at that time, Xiao Fang seems to have a lingering palpitation. Although I didnt succeed, I think Im still strong. After all, I conquered fear. Xiao Fang proudly said that after all, she had taken the first step.

Now Xiao Fang * * * live with pigs almost everyday. Sometimes, when she is out, she calls every day to ask the pig. I do not think about my parents, because they can take care of themselves, but my piglets are not. I miss every day. I put my fingers in their mouths. They dont bite me. Others will bite if they do. Xiao Fang giggled sweetly every now and then when she mentioned the piglet.*

Now Xiao Fangs daily life plan is to get up at 5 oclock in the morning. The first thing is to feed pigs. After eating pigs, they will wash up. After breakfast, they begin to clean up, observe the mental state of pigs and pigs, and treat themselves when they are sick. Almost 24 hours a day is a pig companion.

When she meets a pregnant sow, she takes extra care of herself, massages and chats with her. They are all Xiao Fangs masters. Neither deliveries nor treatments are necessary. Sometimes artificial insemination is used for mating.

The most amazing thing is that Xiao Fang actually helps the newborn piglets do artificial respiration. Newborn piglets will be hypoxic because of long labor, that is, pseudo asphyxia. If they are not rescued in time, they will die. The rescue method is the same as rescuing people, mouth to mouth, oxygen delivery. Xiao Fang introduced that she had saved hundreds of piglets so far.

Is it disgusting to make artificial respiration for pigs? Xiao Fang said that every pig has a special sense of achievement. 99% other pig farmers will not do this. They think it is just a pig, hundreds of dollars, dirty, not worth it. But I think every life deserves to be respected. I cant bear it. I like and love them. I dont feel sick thinking about them.

Pig Video Circle Powder Numerous, Pig Sister identity proud

Pig, you have two holes in your nose, and you still have a runny nose when you have a cold. The girl in the video is holding a chubby piggy affectionately, showing the cute nose of the baby pig to the people. This is a scene of Xiao Fangs porting in a lot of videos from the fast track platform. Netizens have left messages, calling too cute.

Since 2017, Xiao Fang has taken many beautiful photos and videos to pigs with her mobile phone in her spare time. She shared them with the Internet, hoping to share these interesting pictures with netizens.

Seeing the tender and lovely appearance of the newborn piglet, I cant help kissing two of them. Xiao Fang thinks these warm pictures are worth sharing with netizens.

Xiao Fang was always questioned when she started sending videos on the internet. Netizens said that she was a show and a poser. In order to prove himself, Xiao Fang began a transformation, and made more real pig raising skills, such as pig delivery, artificial respiration, vaccination, and so on, and gradually gained recognition.

Xiao Fangs videos are made by herself, edited by herself, and there is no team. At present, Xiao Fangs Fast Hand account has more than 150,000 fans, and she will broadcast them live from time to time. For live broadcasting, she just hopes that the netizens will praise it. Im not for money, no reward, I just want to share my happiness with you.

Do you want to be a net red? Xiao Fang generously admitted, I also want to be famous, want more people to know me. In the past, when it came to becoming a net red, many people would laugh at me, but now I am a net red, and have been recognized by others, parents are proud of me, and it is not a scandal for young girls to raise pigs. Xiao Fang said that now walking in the street, many people asked her if she was a piggy girl, she listened to the heart is also beautiful, she felt that everyone has a small vanity.

Dreaming to be the best veterinarian in pig industry*

At the age of 27, it is the age of love, but Xiao Fang has been with a group of dirty pigs every day. Will her love be affected?

Speaking of emotional life, Xiao Fangs voice was obviously low. She told the purple bull news reporter that she had talked about her boyfriend, but because the other side always felt that she was better than a boyfriend, she felt that she had been ignored, so she chose to break up, and so far she has not married. Because of the pig, she felt that no one could understand her.

Xiao Fang said, because pig lost love, lost friendship, classmate friendship. Often people make appointments, and because the pig farm is temporarily busy, let otherspigeons, Xiao Fang said, now almost no friends.

She is also a beautiful girl, but because there is no time, clothes, daily necessities are online shopping, even so, she tries to make herself beautiful.

Since my eldest sister got married, now the pig farm is basically managed by Xiao Fang. In the field of general technical work, Xiao Fang can basically do a good job. When she meets big problems, she consults professional technical personnel. Through online search, she constantly grope for and study. She gradually grasps the specialized skills such as picking, mating, dispensing, injections, infusion, castration, delivering and digging pigs, and has become a qualified pig breeding technician.

Now there are more than 4000 pigs in Xiao Fangs pig farm, which can earn more than 100 years in good market, but some years will lose money.

Many people say that Xiao Fang raises pigs crazy, and the back of her cell phone is taken with a pig. Is it worth giving up so much to raise pigs? When Ziniu journalist threw out this question, she thought for a while, and then firmly said, No regrets, everyone has their own ideals, although some ideals will be laughed at by others, but as long as they persist, they will succeed. In order to achieve their ideals, they must give up a lot of things.

Xiao Fang said that she would find an opportunity to return to the campus to systematically learn pig-raising knowledge and become an all-round pig-raising technician.

I want to be the best veterinarian in Chinas pig industry. This is Xiao Fangs ideal.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Xinhua Newspaper Network-Yangtze Evening News