Property Ticket Boxes for Representatives of the Preparatory Group of the OwnersCongress for Election of Residential Quarters

 Property Ticket Boxes for Representatives of the Preparatory Group of the OwnersCongress for Election of Residential Quarters

Voting for the Owners Representative of the Preparatory Group was disturbed by the Property Personnel

The Guanlan District of Zijun County is located in Miqin Road, belonging to the Roman Garden Community. The territorial management department is the Management Office of the commercial and Trade Park of the Chanba Ecological Zone in Xian.

On December 19, the owners told reporters in China Business Daily that there were 780 families in the community. In September this year, owners submitted joint application materials to the housing management department of Xian Chanba Eco-District Management Committee, requesting the establishment of the ownerscongress. After the approval, the staff of the Social Affairs Section of the Commercial and Trade Park Management Office of Xian Chanba Ecological Zone will be responsible for the specific arrangement, and the staff of the Roman Garden Community will assist in the arrangement. About 30 owners registered for the preparatory group. According to the regulations, only four ownersrepresentatives can be elected, and the staff of the Social Affairs Section of the Business Park Management Office decide to let the owners vote collectively.

On November 23, some owners returned to their residential quarters on leave to vote. On the morning of the same day, a staff member of the Social Affairs Section of the Business Park Management Office and two female staff members of the Roman Garden Community came to the community. But two female staff members of the property company made a scene at the polling site, saying that the owners scolded them in the Wechat group. A number of other property workers gathered around the polling site, and some people sent out small notes to let the owners vote according to the list they provided. Owners said.

Under such interference, there are still nearly 200 owners involved. The voting was scheduled to end at 4 p.m. and then the votes would be sung. However, when the staff of the garden office leave early, there are only two female staff members in the community, and the disturbance of the property staff begins to intensify. Owners said.

If we continue to vote and check the votes on the spot, there will probably be problems. Mr. Wang said that after community workers called him to explain the situation, he decided to stop voting in advance and send the box to the garden office for preservation. Because the ticket box is borrowed from the property company, I contacted the property company many times to let them open the lock and check the tickets, but the property company has not opened it, so it has been delayed until mid-December.

Notice to open the box in the community conference room

Ticket boxes were carried away by property agents.

Later, I notified the owners to open the box and check the tickets in the Rome Garden Community Conference Room on December 17. I didnt notify the property, but I didnt expect the property owner to come too. Mr. Wang said.

According to the owners, On December 17, the landlord plus the garden office and the community staff went to 89 people in total, while the property company went to more than a dozen people all at once.

Seeing that the property personnel also came to the scene, Mr. Wang repeatedly said that the establishment of the ownersmeeting and the property had nothing to do with, and asked them to leave. But from the live video taken by the owner, the property workers said, When the owner comes to me, I have the right to speak. In order to open the ticket box, professional unlockers were called at the scene, but when the ticket box was opened, property personnel said it was illegal to do so.

Mr. Wang said, I hit 110 helplessly, and two police officers from Xinjiamiao police station arrived at the scene. From the video taken by the staff of the garden office, one female staff member of the property pushed the ticket box to the ground and another female staff member carried it away directly. Two police officers failed to stop it.

In this regard, on December 19, a staff member of the property company said that the owners in the group scolded them, making them feel very aggrieved. The reporter asked, Where is the ticket box? Did you take the ticket box to your property company? Another property company worker said, We dont know that. Our leaders have gone to the relevant departments to reflect the situation. We have nothing to say about the voting process. Thats all we can say. We are also working in a job where they have no right to attack us personally.

Mr. Wang said that because the ticket boxes were in the property company in the past two days, the election result could only be scrapped. We can only report the situation to the housing management department of the Land Bureau of Chanba Eco-region and punish the practices of property companies. Next, we will find a more suitable way to select the four representatives of the owners of the district in the preparatory group of the ownersCongress as soon as possible.

Lawyers Viewpoint

Property personnel suspected of disrupting the order of elections and public places

Fan Juanjuan, a lawyer at Fengrui Law Firm in Shaanxi Province, believes that the practices of property personnel are suspected of undermining the order of elections and public places. According to Article 23 of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security: Whoever commits one of the following acts shall be given a warning or a fine of less than 200 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to detention from 5 to 10 days and may also be sentenced to a fine of less than 500 yuan: disturbing the order of organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, resulting in the failure of normal work, production, business, medical treatment, teaching and scientific research and causing serious losses; Ordinance in stations, ports, wharfs, airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibition halls or other public places; disruption of order on buses, trams, trains, ships, aircraft or other public transport; illegal interception or forcible boarding of motor vehicles, ships, aircraft and other means of transport, affecting the normal operation of transport; disruption of elections conducted according to law Orderly. Those who gather together to commit the acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be detained for more than 10 days and less than 15 days for the chief elements, and may also be fined for less than 1000 yuan.

Zhou Hongbin, director of Xian Xinqingya Garden Industry Committee, said that in order to set up the ownersCongress and elect the industry committee, the owners must have an accurate judgment on the situation and situation of the community, borrowing ballot boxes from property companies is really not considered. ?

Source of this article: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of China Business Network-China Business Daily