Evening News | Musk Show Underground High-Speed Tunnel Huawei Clarify 5G False Report

 Evening News | Musk Show Underground High-Speed Tunnel Huawei Clarify 5G False Report

Musk drove the converted ModelX through Borings tunnel Tuesday night and revealed his vision for a high-speed tunnel system that could ease traffic congestion and revolutionize traffic for city commuters, US media reported. [Link to the original

Will Jia Yuetang have nothing if frozen assets are not enough to pay his debts in the United States?

For Jia Yueting, all the disputes about easy access belong to some old debt, and what he is most worried about at present is actually FFs equity. Before the farce with Hengda has not ended, domestic creditors have gone to the United States to fight a lawsuit one after another, Jia Yueting whether to maintain FF, may now be a question mark. (21st Century Economic Report)

Facebook: Allowing other companies to share user information is licensed

According to foreign media reports, Facebook blogged Wednesday local time acknowledging that other large technology companies were allowed to read usersprivate information, but this was done with permission, not without consent. [Link to the original

Vice-Minister of Agriculture responded to No GM in the canteen of the Ministry of Agriculture: No special offer

On the morning of December 19, Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Areas, responded to such remarks as the Ministry of Agriculture canteens do not eat genetically modified foods. Zhang Taolin said: The issue of GM is of great concern to all. Is there a special provision for our canteen to eat or not to eat genetically modified foods? As far as I know, we dont have a special supply channel. We buy everything from the market just like everybody else. (Peng Mei News) [Link to the original

Mitsubishi responded to rumors of layoffs: less than 0.5% of employees were affected by normal adjustment.

Recently, there was a social media outburst that the company would lay off its staff. Netease science and technology reporters verified the matter to the company. The company said that the large-scale layoffs by webcasting were untrue news. The fact is, this is a normal business adjustment, affected less than 0.5% of the total number of employees. [Link to the original

Ten Characters of the Year in Nature: Talented teenager Cao Yuan is the first, He Jiankui is the opposite.

The worlds top academic journal, Nature, released its top ten scientific figures in 2018 at 0:00 Beijing time on December 19. Cao Yuan, the prodigy of graphene superconductivity, and He Jiankui, the controversial baby edited by the worlds first gene, were among them. (Peng Mei News) [Link to the original

Huawei sent an email to clarify 5G false reports: 25 5G commercial contracts have been awarded

Recently, many countries reported the blockade of 5G in China on the Internet. In response, Huawei responded to the official email. Germany has normal business, actively participated in the construction of 5G in France, and also participated in the reply of tenders in Japan. At the same time, Huawei said it has won 25 5G commercial contracts globally, with more than 10,000 commercial shipments of 5G base stations. [Link to the original

Twenty-seven rectification plans announced by Droplet: Continue to go downstream indefinitely

Droplet said that after receiving a briefing from the inspection team of the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting on Nov. 28 on special safety inspection, the safety committee led by Cheng Wei, CEO, immediately convened an internal special meeting to study the inspection results and rectification requirements. [Link to the original

Hu Weiwei: Mobai has barely invested in new cars in the past seven months and orders are still rising.

Hu Weiwei, founder and CEO of Mobys bicycle, said in an interview with Pengwei News, Shared economy is just the beginning for me. There are many possibilities for changes in the travel market in the future. Hu Weiwei said that after an explosive growth, Mobai is now doing refined operations, making the whole life cycle more perfect, so that you can see the more positive side of the bicycle sharing industry. (Peng Mei News) [Link to the original

Users who share a deposit of 1500 yuan for road songs say they are useless now

While users queue up for deposit refund at the ofo Xiaohuang headquarters, the sharing of car songs is also shrouded in the haze of deposit is difficult to retreat. The deposit of Tuge 1500 yuan is much higher than that of sharing bicycles. Some users have not returned their applications for two months. Moreover, the reporter found that the refund rules of Tuge deposit have changed quietly. The refund time of Tuge deposit has changed from seven working days refund to seven to fifteen working days refund. (New Beijing News) [Link to the original text