Female newlyweds were found to be terminally ill in January and their husbands accused them of cheating their parents-in-law to force divorce

 Female newlyweds were found to be terminally ill in January and their husbands accused them of cheating their parents-in-law to force divorce

Recently, the life of He Jie (a pseudonym) who lives in the main urban area of Chongqing is like riding a roller coaster, with ups and downs. Originally enjoying her honeymoon, she was suddenly found to have systemic lupus erythematosus. Not only is the disease temporarily incurable, but the patient cant have children until the condition is stable. Knowing this news, He Jies father-in-law and mother-in-law instantly changed face and forced her to divorce her husband. The husband, because he felt cheated, even publicly accused He Jie of cheating on marriage. He refused to face her and chose to sleep separately every day.

Womens Travel Meets True Love

Make a vow of never leave at the wedding

He Jie, 27, lives on Shabin Road. Last October, she traveled to Chiang Mai with her girlfriend. During one days one-day tour with the group, she met Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) who also came from Chongqing. When they met their fellow countrymen in a foreign country, they felt very close and chatted with each other all the way.

Mr. Wangs tall handsome, humorous and witty make him feel good. At the end of the days trip, they exchanged tweets. After returning to Chongqing, Mr. Wang came to invite invitations from time to time. They came and went, and they were together.

Sweet love lasted for about a year. In November, they got married. Whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, in spite of the adversity and prosperity of life, when the other party needs you most, can you not abandon, never leave, forever? He Jie still remembers that at the wedding scene, witnessed by relatives and friends of both sides, she and her ex-husband made a marriage vow together.

Lupus erythematosus was detected after one month of marriage

Doctors advise that they are temporarily infertile

After the marriage, He Jie and the Wang family lived together. Mr. Wangs parents are very satisfied with this beautiful daughter-in-law. I cant cook, nor do my parents-in-law force me to learn. Instead, I take care of my husbands living and eating every day. He Jie said that her parents-in-laws good, her husbands love, let her feel very happy.

But happiness did not last long. He Jie in the company physical examination, was told by doctors a number of abnormal indicators, combined with her bodys erythema, suspected that she suffered from lupus erythematosus. Finally, after examination, the doctor confirmed that He Jie suffered from systemic lupus erythematosus.

Five thunders hit the ceiling, and the whole people were covered. He Jie said that she found some red spots on her body before marriage. When I thought it was allergic, I didnt take it seriously. I went to the drugstore and bought some ointment to wipe it. Unexpectedly, it was the disease.

Not only that, the doctor told He Jie that systemic lupus erythematosus has no radical cure for the time being, only drug control. If you want to get pregnant and have a baby, you must get the consent of the doctor in charge when the condition is stable.

My husbands family loves children very much, and they have said that they hope we can have two in three years. Now that I have this disease, how can I tell them? He Jie, who was confused, decided not to say anything. She hid the diagnosis report in the wardrobe.

Knowing the illness, my parents-in-law changed face and forced the couple to divorce

On December 11, however, when she returned home from work, her parents-in-law and husband were sitting on the living room sofa with an angry face, and on the tea table were her diagnosis report.

It turned out that on the same day, his mother-in-law helped the younger couple to arrange the clothes for drying. She cleaned up the wardrobe and unexpectedly found the report. The old couple learned that the disease could not be cured after searching on the Internet. They needed lifelong medication, and they also had a great genetic chance. My parents-in-law immediately called Mr. Wang back home, and when asked, she found that his son was totally unaware. Three members of the family decided that He Jie had deliberately concealed her illness.

Divorce, this marriage must be divorced! Angry parents-in-law turned her face on the spot. He Jie said that no matter how she explained that day, her parents-in-law ignored it, and her husband just sat aside and said nothing.

I didnt mean to hide it, but I wasnt ready to face it and talk to them. He Jie said that since that day, her parents-in-law has become very cold, talking around the corner to persuade her to divorce. As long as they see children on TV and in the neighborhood, they will sigh,Were not lucky.

In addition, his parents-in-law kept doing his sons ideological work in private, forcing him to divorce Ho Jie as soon as possible.

The husband blatantly accused his wife of cheating on marriage

He Jie said that not only that, but also her husbands attitude made her sad. Dont talk when you meet, go home and sleep in separate beds. He Jie would tell her about her illness if she wanted to talk about it. He even said the word of deception directly, thinking that I knew the illness before marriage, fearing that he and his family would not agree to marry, deliberately concealing the illness, is a deception of marriage.

Weve only been married for a month, and thats how it is now. I really cant accept the fact that Im forced to divorce now, as the wedding said, Never give up. He Jie cried out sadly.

Not long ago, my parents-in-law and family took out their killers mace and invited Ho Jies parents to come home to discuss the divorce publicly. Watching her parents argue with their parents and their families, He Jie, who is in great pain, feels powerless. She finally nods her head and agrees to give up the marriage.


Husband and wife have the duty to support each other

The treatment fee payable by the sick woman and the sick man

Chen Zhilin, Ph.D. in Psychology at University College London and an expert on sexual psychology in love and marriage, said that trust is the basis of marriage. Whether before or after marriage, when one spouses body is diseased, its better to communicate frankly with the other spouse, not to bury mines for the future life.

He Jies experience, he suggested that He Jie should take the initiative to attack. The law stipulates that husband and wife have the obligation to support each other. He Jie is ill. Mr. Wang is obliged to take good care of her illness and provide the cost of treatment. Chen Zhilin said that He Jie should adjust her mentality as soon as possible, actively treat, communicate with her family and plan her life well.

My body aches and my life loves me. Dont feel inferior because of illness, let alone despair because of the indifference of my parents-in-law. Chen Zhilin said.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post