US Media: China launched its first Julang 3 submarine-launched ballistic missile test last month

 US Media: China launched its first Julang 3 submarine-launched ballistic missile test last month

DATA FIGURE: Chinese Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Launch Picture

World Wide Web Military reported Dec. 19 that US media said China launched a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, Julang-3, from an improved 032 submarine last month. The United States closely monitored the launch.

The Washington Liberty Lighthouse reported Dec. 19 that the Chinese military conducted a test launch of a new submarine-launched ballistic missile at the end of November, citing U.S. Defense Department officials. U.S. Defense Department officials said the test was a Julang-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile, which will be equipped with Chinas new generation of ballistic missile nuclear submarines in the future. Reported that the U.S. intelligence agencies closely monitored the missile launch, the U.S. side used the missile early warning satellite to detect the test launch.

But for more details about the missile test, the Washington Liberty Lighthouse said it was not available. A Pentagon spokesman also declined to comment. Colonel Chris Logan, one of the Pentagon spokesmen, said: The Pentagon will not comment on news related to Chinas missile test.

Reported that the Chinese Missile Force had announced five missile flight tests between November 20 and 23, but did not elaborate on the test details. In addition, Liaohai Police 0265 issued by Liaoning Maritime Bureau shows that from November 16 to 23, there are military exercises in the waters near Dalian, China, and the waters will be closed.

The Washington Freedom Lighthouse newspaper quoted Chinese Internet sources as saying that China tested Julang-3 missile with an improved 032 test submarine, which may be a launch test platform for Julang-3 missile. Chinas analysts were quoted as saying that the 032 was equipped with submarine-launched missile launchers, but those launchers appeared to have been increased and expanded for testing the Julang-3 missile. Photographs show that the improved 032 boat appeared in the port of the Bohai Sea area. The 032 was previously used for testing Julang-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

The report also cites articles by Joseph Dempsey and Henry Boyd of the American Institute for International Strategic Studies, who wrote: The details and objectives of the 032 modification are not yet clear, but logically, this improvement means that it may be an integrated plan for a larger and higher new launch system with a new submarine-launched ballistic missile.

Dempsey and Boyd said in August last year that a submarine for missile testing was transferred from Xiaoping Island Submarine Base to Dalian Shipyard in February 2017. They said that the improvement and transfer of the 032 is to carry out follow-up submarine-launched ballistic missile development, probably for the Big Wave-3.

In June, the website of Janes Defense Weekly reported that Chinas DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile launched its tenth test on May 27. According to the report, the next generation of Chinas submarine-launched ballistic missile (Julang-3) will have a longer range than the current Julang-2 (7000 + km), and can also carry multiple warheads diverting and re-loading vehicle (MIRV), which may be based on Dongfeng -41. If the test launch of DF-41 has been successfully completed, the next step may be to focus on the development of submarine launch models.

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