How to clear up the mess and exit the ofo when tens of millions of users have at least one billion deposits to withdraw?

 How to clear up the mess and exit the ofo when tens of millions of users have at least one billion deposits to withdraw?

In recent months, the news of the difficulty of deposit refund for ofo Xiaohuang car has been exposed frequently. From the original second refund to refund within three working days, to 15 working days, the delayed ofo has repeatedly tested the patience of users. By the afternoon of the 18th, more than 10 million people had queued for refund on ofo. If the deposit was calculated at 99 yuan per user, the deposit to be refunded would be at least 1 billion yuan. Some media estimate that if the deposit of 199 yuan is taken into account, the deposit to be refunded may reach more than 1.3 billion yuan.

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No refund offline, 10 million people queuing Online

On December 16, the media reported the situation of deposit refund at ofo site. According to the article, some individual citizens or the whole family go out together to refund the deposit. The deposit is fast, orderly and smooth and the staff are friendly. Within 10 minutes, they can complete the refund formalities for a family of three. Because it was a working day, there were not many users on site at that time.

On the 17th, however, the ofo headquarters changed completely: thousands of users went to the ofo headquarters building for refund, long veterans lined up from the building to the outside, and the downstairs square was fenced off by security and police. I have been applying for deposit refund online for more than two months, without any progress. Now I just hope to return the deposit. The balance is not needed. Many users said that because the online refund process was too slow, they had to choose to come to the scene to try their luck.

In fact, ofo says offline refunds are not guaranteed to arrive immediately. Offo officials told the media that due to the abnormal situation of some users, no deposit was received after 15 days, and the company only registered and verified these abnormal users. The company will not refund the deposit on site, nor accept new deposit refund requests on site. The only way to refund the deposit for ofo is App. The person said.

On the evening of the 17th, ofo officially issued an emergency reminder of the deposit refund policy for ofo yellow cars, saying that users who submit online applications for deposit refund will review and collect relevant information according to the order of application submission. After verification, users will enter the deposit refund sequence, and ofo will refund in order.

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For the ofo official explanation, many netizens do not buy it. Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients have learned that from a few months ago, the ofo official microblog comment area has been drowned by the voice of users asking for deposits. Deposit can not be returned smoothly, customer service phone calls can not be connected and other situations are everywhere. On the 19th, Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client called ofo Customer Service, but was forced to hang up after hearing the message Thank you for calling ofo Xiaohuang, busy seat, please dial later.

According to netizensobservation, on average, 1000 people applied for refunds every minute on the afternoon of the 18th. By the afternoon of the 18th, more than 10 million people had queued for refunds on the ofo line. According to media estimates, if the daily refund of 10,000 people is calculated, it will take nearly three years for all deposits to be refunded.

Its a long way to get a refund. Can ofo take out the money?

In fact, ofos deposit crisis is not an emergency. Since this year, ofo has been shrinking its overseas market and the shortage of funds has been exploded many times, users have begun to apply for refunds. In this process, ofo is frequently exposed that refunds are not smooth, and even treat users differently from the negative news.

Recently, netizen @zjt93 tweeted that he pretended to be a foreigner from California, USA, who had lived in China for two or three years, who was not good at Chinese and liked to work on the platform. He wrote a complaint email to ofo, saying that if he did not refund, he would sue the other party. Unexpectedly, less than 24 hours after the email was sent, he successfully refunded the money and received an English apology letter from the ofo team. In response, ofo public relations said it had not been heard of. However, it still aroused heated discussion among netizens in the social media.

As can be seen from the survey report of the enterprise service hotline released by the CPC on December 19, ofo ranks the bottom in the overall evaluation of 47 enterprises in 8 industries; in terms of the length of waiting time, ofo ranks the bottom over 46 seconds. In terms of inquiring invoices and solving scanner failures, the experience of ofo is also poor.

With the increasing number of refunds, many users expressed no hope for refunds. I started using ofo at the beginning of last year and charged 200 yuan. Now I still have a balance of more than a dozen yuan. Recently, I couldnt see ofo on the way. Before, I heard that my family could refund the deposit on the phone. I didnt try it. On the 18th, I remembered to come back and retire. There were more than 7 million people in the queue. Looking at the ranking again today (19), it hardly changed. Beijing resident Xiaoshi told Zhongxin Jingwei client that she thought that according to this trend, her deposit rate could not be returned.

Usersworries are not out of thin air. An employee who just quit a branch office in one of the first-tier cities of ofo told the media that the total number of bicycles is being controlled everywhere, for example, the total number of shared bicycles in Xian has dropped from 700,000 at peak time to 500,000 at present, and 1.2 million at peak time in Shanghai, which is now estimated to be about 89,000.

At the same time, the employee revealed that ofo is also reducing its operations and maintenance personnel in the near future. Ofo is now well known to the public, and in tightening their belts to live, of course, this part of the expenditure has to be cut down a little. Another reason is that when winter comes, the number of bikers sharing bicycles drops sharply and the number of people operating and maintaining bicycles decreases.

While the market is not performing well, ofos debt problem is even more prominent. Recently, its operator, Jiali Datong Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, has made a judgment in the case of overdue service fee of Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., which is the main body of ofo operation. It has awarded ofo more than 811,000 yuan to pay service fee, mainly for unloading, warehousing, distribution, inventory and other service costs.

Prior to this, Shanghai Phoenix Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. also issued a lawsuit notice. Because Dongxia Datong signed many purchase contracts with Phoenix Bicycle in 2017, one year later, the ofo side still owed 68.15 million yuan in arrears. Phoenix Bicycle requires it to repay its arrears and liquidated damages as soon as possible.

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It is noteworthy that this deposit of ofo has also attracted many attention. Recently, Peoples Network commented: Who will manage the deposit, how to manage the deposit, how to timely and convenient return of deposit to users? Such issues need to be on the agenda of the regulatory authorities. The most important thing is to prevent enterprises from misusing or even swallowing usersdeposits through effective institutional arrangements. At present, the ofo deposit event has become a public event that can not be ignored. At the same time, the commentary emphasizes that no enterprise has always had smooth sailing in its development journey. Its not terrible to have problems. What we fear is to avoid them. Whats more, we are afraid of three obstacles and four obstacles. We have no sincerity in solving problems.

At present, the number of people applying for refunds is growing, and ofo is facing unprecedented hardship. On the one hand, the market has entered a cold winter, on the other hand, the debt from many sides, how it will clean up the mess and exit is unknown. For anxious waiting users, perhaps only a glimmer of hope can be seen in the change in the number of refund queues.

Source: Author of Sino-Singapore Jingwei: Zhao Jiaran, Editor-in-Charge: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331