There are three possibilities for the US government to close before Christmas.

 There are three possibilities for the US government to close before Christmas.

Recently, US President Trump and Congressional Democrats have been deadlocked over the US-Mexico border wall budget. If a compromise is not reached before the midnight deadline on the 21st, the US federal government faces the risk of a second partial closure in the year.

On the evening of December 18, Eastern American Time, Trump signed an executive order declaring that on Christmas Eve, the 24th, federal government employees would be on holiday and that all government departments and agencies would be closed except for their national security, national defense and public needs.

Trump signed the decree a few days ago, which led some media to link it with the dispute over the border wall between the United States and Mexico, but this is not the case.

The Presidents vacation now.

Trumps executive order has nothing to do with the risk of government closure caused by the current budget dispute over the border wall between the United States and Mexico. It is an unwritten practice that if Christmas Day falls on Tuesday, the President of the United States will issue an executive order to give federal employees one more day off on Monday, the 24th, in order to connect them with previous weekends.

President George W. Bush signed executive orders in 2001 and 2007, and President Obama signed them in 2012.

There are signs of relaxation in the White House

Speaking of the US-Mexico border wall budget, the White House took the initiative to release the turnaround signal as the 21 th deadline approached. Trump said on the 18th that it was too early to predict whether a compromise could be reached to avoid the closure of the government. We will see what happens.

White House press secretary Sanders said at a press conference the same day that Trump did not want the government to close, or would consider other options, including seeking other ways to obtain funds to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Sanders said Trump has asked federal agencies to see if they have the funds they can use to start building the border wall.

The Democratic leader of the House of Representatives Pelosi responded that day: this is a good sign. It seems that the possibility of a compromise between the two parties to avoid a government lockout is expected to increase.

Senate Republican leader John McConnell claimed he was confident of avoiding government closures.

On April 30, American workers repaired holes in the American side of the San Diego Mexico border wall. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Hengshu)

Earlier, Trump had been urging Congress to pass a budget including $5 billion for the construction of the US-Mexico border wall, which was strongly rejected by the Democratic Party of Congress. The Democratic Party proposed to maintain and strengthen the border security fence at the current level of $1.3 billion, but not for the construction of the wall.

On December 12, Trump, meeting with Democratic leaders Schumer and Pelosi in both houses of Congress and the Senate, said he would not sign any budget bill or be afraid to close the government unless he received funds to build the border wall. In fact, he would be proud of it.

Whats the possibility of not closing the door?

American media generally believe that the attitude of the White House is more relaxed than before, but what options may be chosen in the end? Can its options break the deadlock with the Democratic Party over budget funds for the border wall? It is still unclear.

There may be three options for avoiding government closures:

Trump was eventually persuaded to sign a budget that did not include the cost of building the border wall.

Some Republican senators in Congress have said to the American media that they believe there is such a possibility.

Congress passed a short-term provisional Appropriation Bill to keep the federal government in operation, pushing the risk of closing down to a new Congress that took office on January 3.

According to US media reports, several senators from both parties are considering this option. Republican Senator Rubio believes that this may be the only way, given the approaching time; Senate Democratic leader Schumer also said the Democrats would take it very seriously.

On February 6, 2017, a child squatted in front of the U.S. -Mexico border wall playing with sand on Tijuana Beach, Mexico. (Xinhua News Agency correspondent Tam Hang)

However, analysts here point out that in the new Congress, the Democratic Party will become the majority party in the House of Representatives. On the one hand, this makes it more difficult for Trump to settle the wall-building costs in the budget; on the other hand, the Democratic Party has had a hard time regaining control of the House of Representatives, and may not wish to use this budget dispute as its new beginning.

Trump and the Congressional Democratic Party reached a compromise on budget funds, and each side found a step.

On the 18th, Trump and McConnell proposed that Congress approve $1 billion of non-earmarked funds and allow the Trump government to use them to strengthen border security, but Senate Democratic leader Schumer immediately rejected them, calling them bribery funds. It is expected that the two parties will continue to consult closely before the deadline.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Luo Jiazhen_NBJS6445