Goodbye Pills! Cherry Pills Comics Will End at Christmas

 Goodbye Pills! Cherry Pills Comics Will End at Christmas

Cherry Pills Volume 17 Cover

Overseas Network, Dec. 19, according to Japans daily news reports, on the 18th, Jiying Press, Japans largest comprehensive publishing house, announced that Cherry Pills, the masterpiece of the cartoonist Cherry, who died in August this year, will be released on the 25th and then officially end.

Cherry farewell ceremony (Fuji TV)

Jiying previously officially issued an obituary saying that Cherry Pills, the original author of Cherry Pills, died of breast cancer on August 15, 2018 at the age of 53. In November, the farewell ceremony of Cherry Seeds was held in Tokyo. About 1,000 people from all walks of life, including Japanese performing arts, vocal arts and publishing, attended. The venue was arranged according to Cherrys hope of bright, happy and harmonious atmosphere. Tears and laughter were intertwined in the farewell ceremony.

Japanese media said that after the death of Cherry Pills, the comic strip of Cherry Pills had officially come to an end. Volume 17 of the latest and final issue will be released on December 25, 2018. The latest comic strip of Cherry Pills was Volume 16 released in 2009. Since then, although TV animation has been rolling out new works, the comic strip of Cherry Pills has remained in Volume 16.

The cover of Volume 17 has been made public, which will include the 109th episode of TV animation, Little Pills Lost in Passbook and so on.

Cherry (Peoples Network)

According to Japanese media, Cherry Pills takes the authors own girlhood as the prototype, creating the protagonist Xiao Pills in the third grade of primary school, describing Xiao Pillsdaily life at school and at home. Since 1986, a series of Girl Comics magazines published by Jiying News Agency has sold 32 million related works. At the same time, it was adapted into animated cartoons, which impressed both adults and children in China and Japan.

Netizensmessage (microblog screenshot)

Previously, Chinese and Japanese netizens also left messages on the Internet reminiscent of Cherry Fruit. Some netizens expressed their deep feelings: Thank you for warming my childhood.

Cherry Zi is a pen name. The author was originally named Miki Miura Miura. He was born in Qingshui City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. During his study in university, Cherry Zi became a cartoonist. He was divorced after marrying the editor-in-chief and had a son. In Cherrys cartoon career, the most famous work is the cartoon Cherry Pills, and she is also the songwriter of the theme song of the cartoon Cherry Pills.

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