Facebook: Allowing other companies to share user information is licensed

 Facebook: Allowing other companies to share user information is licensed

Netease Technologies News Dec. 19, according to foreign media reports, Facebook blogged Wednesday to acknowledge that other large technology companies were allowed to read usersprivate information, but this was done with permission, not without consent.

This is Facebooks response to a New York Times report Wednesday. The New York Times reported Tuesday that its survey found that Facebook allows companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Royal Bank of Canada to read, write and delete userspersonal information; and that Microsofts Bing search engine allows Microsoft to view almost all Facebook users friendsnames without their consent.

Facebook said that after users log on to Facebook through Facebook Partnersapplications, partners such as Spotify will be able to access users private information.

A Netflix spokesman told CNBC that the streaming service launched a feature in 2014 that allows users to recommend TV programs and movies to Facebook friends through Messenger or Netflix. However, this feature will be closed in 2015. A Netflix spokesman said, We have never accessed usersprivate information on Facebook or made such requests.

The New York Times also quoted hundreds of internal documents and interviews with more than 50 former Facebook employees as saying that Facebook allowed Amazon to access user names and contact information through user friends, while Yahoo could even view user friendspost streams this summer. According to the report, Facebooks personal data sharing goes far beyond what the social media giant previously disclosed.

The New York Times reports that Facebooks data-sharing arrangements have benefited more than 150 companies, and these transactions have in turn helped Facebook attract more users.

In this blog post, Facebook said, These partnerships or functions allow businesses to access user information, not without user permission, and do not violate our 2012 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279