When the woman turned over to the cheater for 1960,000, she said that Cary had enough money to turn over to another 820,000 on her own initiative.

 When the woman turned over to the cheater for 1960,000, she said that Cary had enough money to turn over to another 820,000 on her own initiative.

On Dec. 10, Yu Zhou, deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Fucheng District Branch of Mianyang Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Province, told Pengmei News that this year, the Bureau uncovered the 41.21 telecommunication network fraud case supervised by the Ministry of Public Security, and arrested 21 suspects, involving more than 7 million yuan. Only one woman, Ms. Gong, was deceived by 80,000 yuan.

Receiving a forged arrest warrant, she remitted 2.78 million yuan to the cheater.

According to Yu Zhou, Ms. Gong went to the police station to report the case two days after she was deceived.

Ms. Gong said that on April 19, she received a strange telephone call saying that she owed a telephone card in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. Ms. Gong denied that after she opened the card in Jiujiang, she was reminded that Ms. Gongs personal information might be leaked and that she would responsibly return the information to the local police.

Subsequently, Ms. Gong received a call from the police of the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau claiming that Ms. Gong was suspected of a case and asked her to transfer the deposits in her card to a security account, and sent a forged freezing control order of criminal refusal to arrest warrant to Ms. Gong.

The suspect forged the freezing control order of criminal refusal to arrest order. All the pictures in this paper are provided by Fucheng police.

This freezing control order of criminal refusal to arrest accurately records Ms. Gongs real name, identity card number, certificate and other personal information.

In this regard, Ms. Gong is convinced that, in accordance with the accounts provided by the false police, two transfers of $196,000, each of $980,000, have been made.

Yu Zhou said that according to the suspects script, Ms. Gong turned over $196,000 and the fraud against her was over. To the suspects surprise, Ms. Gong volunteered to tell the salesman that she still had some money in her own card. The other party was even a little overwhelmed. It wasnt written in the script. After discussing, we will continue to let Ms. Gong transfer money. Yu Zhou said.

In the end, Ms. Gong called the cheater a total of 2.78 million yuan.

Yu Zhou introduced that Ms. Gong only had junior high school culture, and the funds cheated were the demolition funds she had obtained.

Three Taiwanese suspects fell into the net

Yu Zhou told Peng Mei News that after the fraudulent Gang made Ms. Gong this big order, in order to escape the attack of the public security organs, the gang was temporarily dissolved and the personnel were dispersed and hid.

Through technical means, the team landed the access virtual network telephone in Cairo, Egypt, and then gradually locked the fraud Gang through continuous operations. The group is headed by Taiwanese, such as Di Mou, Chen Mou, Lin Mou and Ji Mou, and organizes Gu Mou and Chen Mou in mainland provinces to divide their work into one, two and three line telephone operators.

On May 10, the special task force dispatched 12 arrest teams to arrest 21 suspects in Liaoning, Guangdong and other places, including 3 Taiwanese suspects.

Civilian police arrest suspects

Up to now, the police have verified 151 cases committed by the gang in 14 provinces and municipalities throughout the country through interrogation and collection of case materials, with a total amount of more than 7 million yuan involved.

According to the relevant person in charge of Fucheng Public Security Bureau, since this year, the Bureau has cracked 217 new network crimes, cracked down on 51 suspects, knocked down five criminal gangs and stopped paying more than 3 million yuan of frozen funds involved.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331