The suspect in the Thai Wife Killing case denies fraudulent insurance lawyers: he will be prosecuted for death penalty

 The suspect in the Thai Wife Killing case denies fraudulent insurance lawyers: he will be prosecuted for death penalty

According to the Beijing News, the suspect Zhang Moufan is now in Phuket Island prison. Zhang Moufan denies the accusation of killing his wife as a fraud insurance. He told the Beijing News that before the incident, he had forged his wifes signature on two insurance policies and purchased insurance for childrens investment and financial management. His wife knew about the purchase of insurance.

Peng Mei News reported earlier that 29-year-old Tianjin woman Zhang Jie was found dead in a hotel pool on Phuket Island, Thailand, in October, and her husband Zhang Moufan was identified as a suspect by Thai police. A few months before the incident, Zhang Moufan bought insurance for his wife with a total amount of 30 million yuan. Zhang Jies family accused Zhang Moufan of killing his wife for the purpose of defrauding high premiums.

After the incident, Zhang Moufan was controlled by the Kamara police station on Phuket Island, Thailand, and confessed to the police in the confession link that he killed his wife in the hotel swimming pool. On December 11, Tianjin police also filed an investigation into Zhang Moufans suspicion of insurance fraud. Zhang Jies family once told Peng Mei News that they hoped to extradite the suspect back to China and accept punishment from Chinas criminal law.

Zhang Hongyuan, Deputy lawyer assistant of the victim Zhang Jie, said that the family members of the victim have found many insurance policies and are sure to prosecute the suspect for death penalty in Thai criminal law. Zhang Hongyuan told Peng Mei News that according to Article 289 of the Thai Criminal Law, the penalty for intentional murder is death penalty, while the penalty for ordinary murder is 15 yearsimprisonment to death penalty.

Peng Mei News learned from the Camara Police Station on Phuket on the afternoon of 19 th that the case has entered the litigation process.

According to the Beijing News, Zhang admitted to lawyers and journalists that he had forged his wifes signature before the accident and bought Sunshine and Tsinghua Tongfangs two life insurance policies. However, he said that his wife knew about the incident, buying insurance for children is an investment and financial management, and denied the accusation that killing a wife is a fraud insurance. In response to previous questions about family membersignorance of their whereabouts, purchasing luxury goods with credit cards and rewarding network anchors with thousands of yuan, Zhang Moufan said that the purpose of tickets to Fujian was to meet business partners. After leaving his job as a customer service manager in January 2017, he always wanted to start a business, start a network company, stay in high-end hotels and buy luxury consumer goods in order to buy things for business partners. While rewarding network anchors, in order to understand the business market. He also denied the accusation that the family members of the deceased had an affair with him.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Peng Mei News