Trump ordered the establishment of the Space Command: the Eleventh Joint Command

 Trump ordered the establishment of the Space Command: the Eleventh Joint Command

Trump signed the third space policy directive of the National Space Commission @Oriental IC

In addition to setting up a joint command, Trump also plans to set up a space force for new recruits. Two Defense Department officials told CNN that the Pentagon was about to complete a draft proposal for a space force that would be subordinate to the Air Force but highly independent. The relationship between space forces and air forces will be similar to that between the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy.

Although from military to military and from space army to space command, Trumps long-cherished ambition to build a space force has basically been achieved, because the new space force will be a highly independent force.

The House of Representatives will be informed of personnel changes related to the establishment of commands and space forces. CNN quoted sources as saying that it is expected that Vice Secretary of Defense Shanahan and Lieutenant-General Selva, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will inform key members of the Military Commission and the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee of the Senate and House of Representatives about the situation.

Adam Smith, a senior Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, said in a September statement:

In addition, the top civilian and military officers of the Air Force also opposed Trumps establishment of a space force. The U.S. Air Force has been building for 60 years for the integration of space and space. It has previously controlled more than 80% of the satellite resources in the United States. The US Defense News reported on November 19 that the US Air Force, which opposed the most fierce campaign, had said that the cost of building a space force would exceed $13 billion, a huge expense that was wasteful.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Zou Yuan_NBJS7274