The hospital has explained and apologized for restoring the Doctor Let Patient Baidu incident on the spot.

 The hospital has explained and apologized for restoring the Doctor Let Patient Baidu incident on the spot.

According to videos circulated on the Internet, a family member of a patient consulted the doctor with a test report. The doctor responded that I dont know, I will understand when I go back to Baidu. Many people are Baidu. The family members of the patient asked, I spent money, then why did I come to the hospital? And continue to ask what is lobular hyperplasia? The doctor then left the clinic and went into another office to close the door and refused to respond.

On December 17, the Peoples Hospital of Xinhua County, Hunan Province, posted a video on the Internet saying that doctors in a hospital in Xinhua had a bad attitude toward seeing a doctor. The video explained the situation and restored the scene of the incident. It is reported that the incident occurred at about 34 p.m. on December 16, 2018. At that time, there were more patients in a doctors office in the outpatient department of Xinhua County Peoples Hospital. Two poor households said that they had to see a doctor before paying for the outpatient service. Doctor Liu took great pains to explain it clearly. There were also patients waiting in line to see a doctor.

Subsequently, the patient Yangmou took the results of the color Doppler ultrasound examination to a doctor of Liu Mou. After seeing the color Doppler ultrasound report of the patient Yangmou, Dr. Liu said to him, Its all right, its lobular hyperplasia, just observe it. Then they began to see the next patient. At this time, two women accompanying the patient Yangmou began to question the doctor Liu, one of them had a heavy tone and asked the doctor to explain what is lobular hyperplasia. Doctor Liu was a little uncomfortable when he heard this tone. He said to her, Lobular hyperplasia is okay, say youre okay, if theres anything unclear, you can do it. Go back to Baidu and you will understand. At this time, the woman accompanying the patient Yangmou repeatedly stressed that she had spent money and asked, I spent money and you want me Baidu, what do you want your doctor to do? The two sides began to quarrel verbally.

The woman who accompanied the patient Yangmou began to shoot videos. Doctor Liu Momou could not continue to see the patient. She went to another room opposite. The patient Yangmou and the accompanying staff were chasing after her.

According to the monitoring results, the accompanying staff of the patients had the action of kicking the door. About a few minutes later, another patient came to see Liu Mou-mou. Liu Mou-mou came out of another clinic. According to the personnel present, Dr. Liu Mou-mou explained what lobular hyperplasia was and apologized to the accompanying staff of the patient Yangmou.

Nandu reporter called the Peoples Hospital of Xinhua County in Hunan Province. The staff concerned said that Liu Mou, a doctor, had been criticized and educated. Liu Mou also took the initiative to admit his mistakes and self-criticize. In view of the problems, Xinhua County Peoples Hospital will further strengthen its management to prevent the recurrence of such phenomena. Staff also said that doctors sometimes need to see many patients a day, hoping that both doctors and patients can give more mutual understanding.

Patient Hospital Check and Question Doctor: Go back to Baidu, you will understand.

On December 16, Xinhua, Hunan Province, a patient had a check-up in the hospital. When he asked the doctor about the results of the check-up, the doctor said that the patient had no problem. The patient continued to inquire about his condition. The doctor said, Go back to Baidu and you will understand it. Therefore, the two sides had a dispute. At present, hospitals have criticized and educated doctors, and doctors have taken the initiative to admit mistakes.