The staff of Xiaohuang Car Headquarters are excited from the 5th floor to the 1st floor.

 The staff of Xiaohuang Car Headquarters are excited from the 5th floor to the 1st floor.

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On-site staff members of Xiaohuangche Headquarters were emotionally excited (Source:)

[Explanation] Recently, some users came to Xiaohuang Cars headquarters on the fifth floor of the Internet Finance Building in Haidian District of Beijing to seek refund after the news that the deposit is difficult to withdraw came out of Xiaohuang Car. On the evening of December 18, the reporter saw on the spot that although it was getting dark after work, there were hundreds of people queuing from the fifth floor to the first floor.

Mr Ren, User of ofo Xiaohuang Car

Ive been here since nine oclock in the morning, and I havent even had lunch until now (6 p.m. on the 18th). What reply did the other party give you? The answer is to go to its App and wait for it to fade away.

[same period] Ms. Wang, the user of ofo yellow car

They were on the spot at the time of registration, and they could refund on the spot until yesterday (No. 17) when they registered upstairs. They could refund for one to three working days. Todays result is that we can only apply on the APP.

[Explanation] From refundable on site to refund within three days after registration, and then to no longer register on site, staff guided users to apply refunds through mobile phones. Faced with the changing refund methods, users also expressed their helplessness and anger.

[same period] Ms. Wu, the user of ofo Xiaohuang car

(Refund) About two months, I returned in October for the first time, because it took 15 working days, I waited for 15 working days, I did not see success, he told me that the refund was unusual, let me re-operate, I operate again, the result is still unsuccessful.

[Synchronization] Mr. Li, User of ofo Yellow Car

The refund behavior of Xiao Huang Che plays on the rights and interests of consumers and users as if they were monkeys. In fact, this behavior makes us very angry and shameless.

[Explanation] Coming to the entrance of Xiaohuangche headquarters on the fifth floor of the Internet Finance Building, the staff of Xiaohuangche on the scene were very excited, refused to accept interviews and kept their hands off the camera.

[Live sound

Bring it over now.

Dont move. Dont let him go.

Dont move me, dont move my machine. )

[Explanation] At about 7 p.m. that night, the company no longer responded to the customers who came to ask for deposit, and the queue downstairs gradually began to disperse.

[Explanation] According to legal sources, users of yellow cars can choose to complain to the industry and commerce administration department and coordinate the settlement through the intervention of the administrative department, or investigate the other partys liability for breach of contract according to the contract agreement between users and yellow cars through judicial channels.

[Explanation] By the evening of December 18, more than 10 million people had queued for a deposit refund on the APP of the ofo Xiaohuang car. If the deposit is calculated at 99 yuan per user, the deposit to be refunded is at least 1 billion yuan at present, and the maximum deposit is 1.9 billion yuan at 199 yuan. At present, the number of queues applying for deposit refund on APP is increasing.

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331