The renewal of the US-Canada border! Canada arrests five American fishermen in one breath

 The renewal of the US-Canada border! Canada arrests five American fishermen in one breath

Canada recently arrested five American fishermen on the US-Canada border. (Source: CBC)

Overseas Network Dec. 19 - Recent renewal of events in the border areas between the United States and Canada! According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on the 18th, five American fishermen have been arrested on the Canadian side of the U.S. -Canada border, four of whom are from the Passamacodi tribe in Maine.

Reportedly, the five American citizens admitted illegally fishing lobsters in Passamacodi Bay on the border between New Brunswick, Canada and Maine the next day after their arrest.

According to the report, Canadian law forbids foreign citizens to engage in commercial fishing activities in the countrys waters, but some Passamacodi aborigines believe that they have the right to fish in any waters because their traditional territory spans the United States and Canada.

Adam Newell, a Passamacodi fisherman, said, I dont think its Canadian or American. Its just a bay where our ancestors have been fishing for more than 10,000 years. Why should we stop fishing and utilizing the resources of Passamacodi Bay because of the new system?

Newell said he would not specifically fish lobsters in Canadian waters, but because he lived only a mile from the U.S. -Canada border, he would not be able to make a living if he did not occasionally cross the border.

Passamaquoddy Bay is a small bay in the western part of the Atlantic Bay of Fundy, located between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, and at the mouth of the St. Croix River. There are rare giant tidal currents in the bay, with about 2 billion cubic meters of flow entering and leaving the Bay twice a day, with an average tidal height of about 5.5 meters.

Since the end of the 18th century, there have been disputes between the United States and Canada on the precise demarcation of the Passamacodi Bay boundary. In recent years, with the rapid growth of lobster production in the region, competition among fishermen has intensified. Not long ago, Canadian media reported that law enforcement officers from the US Customs and Border Protection Agency had recently intercepted and interrogated Canadian fishing vessels in disputed waters between the two countries. The Canadian government subsequently responded that it would investigate the incident.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647