Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Suppressing Huawei is a naked hegemonism of science and technology

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Suppressing Huawei is a naked hegemonism of science and technology

Global Times - Global Network reported that recently, the Meng late boat incident continued to attract outside attention. At a regular foreign ministry conference held on the 19th, some media asked whether Huaweis invitation to international journalists to communicate yesterday was helpful to Mengs evening boat incident.

In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that Huawei invited journalists or better introduced itself to the outside world to help the outside world better understand the operation of their company. As for its significance and impact, we should go to Huawei.

Regarding the recent intensive external attention to Huawei, Huachunying said that Huawei, as the worlds largest supplier of telecommunications equipment and many countries, has cooperated well. The quality and credibility of its products, including security, have been widely and fully affirmed by its partners. There is no evidence that Huawei is really like some forces or some countries. Thats a security threat.

At present, some countries politicize normal scientific and technological development cooperation without any factual basis and conclusive evidence. They blame Huawei and other Chinese high-tech enterprises for potential security threats, Hua Chunying said.

This is a very narrow, presumptive thinking. Essentially, it is naked hegemonism of science and technology and protectionism of trade and investment, and it also violates the principle of non-discrimination of WTO. Hua Chunying said.

Hua Chunying emphasized that Chinas right to development, including the right of high-tech enterprises in China, should be fully respected by all parties. No smear or attack can stop the growth and development of Chinese enterprises into the world.

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