NEXT Explosive Personal Single Recording Funny Stories Read each other Rainbow Fat Smile

 NEXT Explosive Personal Single Recording Funny Stories Read each other Rainbow Fat Smile

Netease Entertainment reported on December 19 that the NEXTTOYOU Lehua Seven-sons World Tour concert has begun, and seven boys who are rarely gathered for various jobs have finally been able to integrate successfully in the tour. Recently, Netease Entertainment also exclusively interviewed Zhu Zhengting, Fan Ying-cheng, Huang Xinchun and Li Quanzhi in NEXT. When asked about the lack of other three teammates, whether there would be a little cold in the air, people brushed denial, and said that the four people could make a fuss!

In the interview, several people not only disclosed the preparation, arrangement and surprises of the tour ahead of time, but also revealed some interesting facts about the recording of their new singles. The biggest highlight was that they read each others rainbow butt and laughed at each others mini-sisters in minutes.

Part1: The NEXT 2 Tour incorporates a lot of ideas

Netease Entertainment: Now only four of you are here, will you feel a little cold in the air?

Zhu Zhengting: All right.

Netease Entertainment: Who is more active now?

Zhu Zhengting: Now, they are very active.

Zhu Zhengting: Yes, work should have a working attitude.

Zhu Zhengting: Actually, everyone goes to chat in private, and then they will discuss it together. So no matter in the composing of music, as well as in the lyrics, in fact, everyone joined their own ideas. Because for us, singles are our first work, so we all do it intentionally. And whether it is words, songs, including music selection, as well as stage design, everyone is very careful to prepare.

Zhu Zhengting: I think we exercise every day. In fact, everyone also wants to go to the gym to exercise, build a strong body, control body shape and so on.

Netease Entertainment: Will you meet with each other, for example, to communicate in groups? How is your work today?

Zhu Zhengting: Let me talk about it. In fact, when we work collectively, we will.

Li Quanzhue: They were too busy. When they only met, they talked a lot, a lot, what I experienced today, how I made it, and I kept talking about shooting.

Zhu Zhengting: Hard work is sure. We also know that filming is very hard. Actually, I think its hard to do anything. Every line is not easy, is it? So I think just like it, like we see them trying new fields, we are happy for them from the heart.

Netease Entertainment: Have you prepared some skills or surprises for your fans in this tour?

Fan: This time we are going to prepare a slow song for you, because everyone says Rapper is the one who is most afraid of singing love songs. After all, this album is also a gift for them, and theyve always wanted to hear about some of my Vocal works, so I say this time its about innovation and bringing something new to you.

Netease Entertainment: Is there anything in particular that you would like to try on clothing?

Netease Entertainment: Ask fans what they want you to wear.

Zhu Zhengting: Actually, I think everyones charm is different and their performance is different. Like me, I may manage my body a little more, like some people manage their voice a little more. Some people manage their dances and limbs. Everyone is different.

Li Quanzhue: The most unforgettable moment was when the fans made a VCR for us in the last scene and in Thailand. I was moved to cry. This is the most unforgettable thing for me.

Huang Xinchun: I think I once forgot, which one I forgot is when we were singing ForYou, everyone turned on the flashlight of their mobile phone, everyone, and then saw that it was very beautiful, like a sea of stars, it felt like I wanted to see it again. It was really beautiful.

Zhu Zhengting: Actually, I think that the prime minister should be like me, right? Every time the fans come together for us and support us, they are the best moments for us as long as they appear.

Part2: Disclosure of the Recording Habits of Single Songs

Netease Entertainment: Do you have any interesting stories when you record your own singles?

Zhu Zhengting: In my words, when I recorded, I corrected the words on the spot. I have been correcting them all the time. Besides, when I recorded, I have a habit. I like to turn off the lights very dark.

Netease Entertainment: Security?

Zhu Zhengting: Yes, then take off your shoes and be more down-to-earth. But when I recorded the single that day, I turned off all the lights and recorded it in the dark, so it was quite interesting. When I was recording a single, the studio was transparent glass, which was visible from the outside, but when I closed it, they had no idea what I was doing inside.

Netease Entertainment: What do you want to do and think?

Zhu Zhengting: Yes, just jump inside and record.

Netease Entertainment: Is it true that every time you finish recording, you will experience more growth?

Huang Xinchun: Yes, its a learning process.

Zhu Zhengting: I think that if there is such a chance to have a holiday, I think we may have a good rest first, then we will have a good rest next, depending on how long it takes. If we have enough time, we will certainly learn something. There will be some more time. If we can really go out and play, I think we can go out and play together once.