Brain death caused by a sudden uncontrollable collision of a novice female driver with a security guard

 Brain death caused by a sudden uncontrollable collision of a novice female driver with a security guard

Novice drivers drive on the road

Accidents caused by traffic accidents for various reasons

Weve heard a lot.

But every time it happens, its still amazing.

Recently, the accident happened in Shenzhen.

Just a few seconds in a hurry is heartbreaking

Time: December 9, 12:30 noon

Venue: No. 11 Dongshen Highway, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Whats going on?

A kind of

Originally, a woman driver

When driving into the factory

Suddenly out of control and knock open the iron door!

A security guard in the factory ready to open the door

Crashed several metres away

at present

The security guard is still in danger of his life.

The surveillance at the factory gate captured a scene of panic.

A kind of

Monitoring display

When a dark red car was about to turn into the factory, the security guard on duty came to open the closed iron door. Suddenly, as if out of control, the car crashed into the iron door.

When the iron door was hit, it bounced inward.

The security guard couldnt fall down after being hit by a huge impact.

When the car turned into the factory, it stopped immediately. The driver of the car ran to the security guard to call for help. Another security guard also opened the broken iron door.

Why on earth did this tragedy happen?

There were witnesses at the scene.

A kind of

At that time, the female driver was ready to stop and wait for the security to open the door. As a result, she mistook the accelerator for the brake and stepped on it.

The car smashed open the iron door and rushed into the factory. The security guard was seriously injured. After the accident, he was rushed to a nearby hospital for rescue.

The huge impact force caused the security guards to turn over several times. The injuries were serious. Now they have undergone several operations. (Female driver) seems to have just learned to drive and got a drivers license.

Event tracking

After the accident, the injured security guard was sent to the nearby Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital for treatment. The doctor in charge of the injured security guard said that when he was hit by the guards surname Sun, he suffered intracranial hemorrhage, enlarged pupils and breathed a little.


Brain death has been declared as a result of severe trauma to the brain

At present, it has been transferred to the intensive care unit of Shenzhen Third Peoples Hospital. Theres no hope. Weve had an operation. It was the iron door that hit him. Think about the heavy iron door that hit him. He flew out for several meters and popped open directly. The whole skull was broken.

Traffic police said that the injured were not out of danger that day, the cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Xiaobian reminds you here

Driving Safety

Especially new drivers who just got their drivers license

Remember to practice more!

Familiar with vehicle performance and various road conditions

Lest we rush to the road

To bury hidden dangers in the lives of oneself and others

Source: Responsible Editor of Shenzhen Event: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182