Two-year-old boy sitting in a shopping cart crying loudly. Grandpa brought him shopping in the supermarket but didnt bring it back: forgotten

 Two-year-old boy sitting in a shopping cart crying loudly. Grandpa brought him shopping in the supermarket but didnt bring it back: forgotten

Whose child is this?

Its been a long time here. Why havent his parents come yet?

Around 10:30 a.m. on December 18, at the entrance of a Wumei supermarket in Wenyan, Xiaoshan, several enthusiastic citizens were talking anxiously around a shopping cart.

In the shopping cart sat a boy about two years old in a yellow down jacket, crying. After receiving the warm-hearted citizenscall for help, Tong Hongwang, a police officer from Wenyan police station in Xiaoshan, immediately led the team to the scene.

According to the enthusiastic crowd who first found the little boy, when he saw the boy, he was sitting in the shopping cart, Grandma so called. Later, there were more people on the side. The child might be afraid, and began to cry.

Enthusiastic crowds found a child forgotten in a shopping cart

How pitiful the child is, will his parents not want him, and no one will come to see him for such a long time?

Dont talk nonsense. Everyone is worried about the speculation of what you said and what I said.

Dont cry, dont cry, uncle hug, take you to Grandma.

Tong Hongwang and his colleagues took turns to pick up the child, coax him from time to time, and tease him with balloons given by the enthusiastic masses. The little fellow slowly quieted down in the arms of the millet.

Police use balloons to amuse children

Tong Hongwang first guessed whether it was the parents who were still shopping in the supermarket. So quickly contact the supermarket staff, through the radio to find the parents of the children.

Then, Tong Hongwang came to the supermarket monitoring room with his children in his arms, ready to find out the whereabouts of their parents through monitoring.

Just then, a man who claimed to be the father of his child came to him voluntarily, and the little boy called out to his father, which should be right.

It turned out that the grandparents of the children came to the supermarket with three grandchildren to buy things that morning. The supervision at the supermarket gate showed that at about 10:12, two old people came out with a shopping cart by themselves. The two-year-old grandchildren were sitting in the grandfathers shopping cart, while the other two were sitting in the grandmothers shopping cart.

The two old men put their purchases on the battery car, perhaps in a hurry to go home. After filling up, they took two grandsons and rode away on the battery car. As a result, they left their little grandson in the shopping cart.

Grandpa forgot his grandson in the shopping cart when he left.

The battery car went a long way, but the careless grandfather found that his grandson was missing. He wanted to go back and look for it. As a result, the battery car broke down. He had to contact his son to go to the supermarket first, and then he went to the supermarket by taxi.

It is reported that the childrens family is from Henan Province. Grandpa and grandma live together with their two sons and four grandchildren and girls.

Usually parents are busy working, four children are mostly cared for by grandparents, the two old people also have their own work, but also take so many children, a bit of a fuss, the result of a moment of negligence, almost lead to a big mistake.

Fortunately, with warm-hearted people and maize care, the children are all right!

Here, Xiaoshan police should also remind you that at the end of the year, people have more chances to take their children out. As monitors, they must be careful and take good care of their young children in crowded places such as stations and supermarkets.

Fortunately, the child is well.

This memory is no longer anybody!

Source: Liable Editor of Hangzhou Daily: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182