China Consumption Associations name-calling ofo, Guangfa Securities and Shentong Express: poor customer service experience

 China Consumption Associations name-calling ofo, Guangfa Securities and Shentong Express: poor customer service experience

The Experiential Survey Report of Some Enterprise Service Hotlines in Key Service Areas, published by China Consumption and Consumption Association, covers 47 Enterprise Service Hotlines in 8 industries which are closely related to daily life.

Overall, State Grid, Huatai Securities, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Ctrip, Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank and China Mobile customer service performed better, while ofo, Guangfa Securities and Shentong Express performed poorly, ofo ranked bottom among 47 enterprises.

The Overall Evaluation Source of Experience Perception of Enterprise Service Hotline: China Consumption Association

Some enterprises have difficulties in changing their customer service. Taking express delivery industry as an example, in terms of placing orders and canceling orders already placed, Shunfengs service hotline experience task completion rate is the highest, reaching 95%, Shentong and Yuantong are the lowest, only 76%.

The main reasons are busy seating and long waiting time for manual transfer. From this we can see that the inadequate staffing is a common problem faced by all express companies. The report says.

Another problem is the long waiting time for transferring manual customer service. The artificial waiting time of China Unified Insurance, Taikang Insurance, China Mobile and Ping An Insurance is shorter, about 10 seconds, while that of ofo, Yunda, 12306 and Agricultural Bank exceeds 30 seconds, of which the longest waiting time of ofo is more than 46 seconds.

Some enterprises transfer artificial customer service waiting time is too long source: China Consumption Association

Others have too complex operation of customer service self-service, such as Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank service hotline password modification self-service. The Bank of China needs 6 steps to complete the password modification operation, and the Pudong Development Bank needs 5 steps to complete the password modification operation.

According to the report, too many keystrokes will cause users to worry about the correctness of their operation, thus taking the action of returning or directly transferring to the manual service.

The report also points out that there is no foreign language service in 12306. All 10 Bank Service Hotlines in this survey provide English service. In the transportation industry, the four major airlines also have English services, Ctrip as a travel platform also provides English services. However, 12306 has no foreign language service in the service hotline system, which can be said to be a major deficiency.

To this end, China Consumption Association proposes to strengthen the professional competence of hotline customer service personnel, improve the self-service inquiry function of 7 x 24 hours; continue to expand service channels, improve the efficiency of consumer business consultation and management; adapt to international service needs, and speed up the provision of multilingual services.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Gan Wenbin_NBJS7621