Psychological stress? After the driver cut his wrist at high speed, he called the police for help: My car broke down

 Psychological stress? After the driver cut his wrist at high speed, he called the police for help: My car broke down

Im under too much psychological pressure and Im in a blue mood for no reason. Its only when my mood explodes.

On the evening of December 18, a truck broke down and paralyzed on the Chengan-Chongqing Expressway, unable to drive. Driver Zhao Mou associates all kinds of troubles in life, and cant think of cutting his wrist with fruit knife for a moment. About ten minutes later, Zhao called the alarm phone for help: the car broke down, and words flashed out like how to cut without bleeding. Nine police brigades of Sichuan High Speed Traffic Police brigade, which were aware of the unusual situation, rushed out to save the precious lives of the parties.

At about 18:53, the police on duty of the Ninth Brigade of the High-Speed Traffic Police Team received an alarm call saying: Chengdu-Anyu Expressway is 195 kilometers and 700 meters away from Chongqing. A truck broke down and stopped in the driveway and could not drive. When inquiring the driver about the scene, the careful police heard the words of cutting wrists and no bleeding in any way in the drivers speech and noticed them. When the driver was in an abnormal mood, Yang Xu, the police officer on duty, realized the seriousness of the matter. Wu Tao and Ye Shuo, assistant police officers, drove to the scene at once and dialed 120 first aid calls on the way to the scene.

When the police arrived at the scene, Zhao Mou, the driver, committed suicide by cutting his wrist in the drivers cab. While arranging the auxiliary police and road patrol members to do a good job of on-site security alert, the police calmed the drivers mood and urgently bandaged the parties to stop bleeding.

When the police asked the driver why he did this?

Zhao Mou answered, My psychological pressure is too great, and my psychology is baffling, just like melancholia. Through the simple understanding of the police, Zhao Mou owes a lot of debt, find a job is not smooth, the pressure of life is too high, driving on the highway, the car broke down again, associating with all kinds of troubles in life, a sudden outbreak of emotions, there is the idea of suicide. Since the fruit knife was not sharp enough, it did not cut very deep. Later, he himself told the police that the car was broken.

In order to avoid excessive loss of blood and endanger the lives of drivers, the police immediately decided that the road patrol would assist the trailer to control the scene and move the vehicle to the service area of Janyang as soon as possible to ensure the normal road traffic. Civilian police driving the party to the Hefeng Hospital for emergency treatment, saving the lives of the parties.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Fan Jiangyi_NN9138