58, the birth of a word.

 58, the birth of a word.

But in fact, unlike many new stalks that have suddenly become popular, many fans may not even realize that 58 is actually an old stalk with a history of almost 10 years, and the sudden outbreak of this stalk at the end of 2018 has actually gone through a long to rare fermentation period.

The origin of 58

Regarding 58, all originated in the fourth game of the Western First Round in 2009, when the Hornets were slaughtered by their opponent Denver Nuggets for 58 points, setting an unprecedented record for the biggest single-game difference in the playoffs. And it was the most humiliating moment in the Hornetscore Chris Pauls career (perhaps not one of them).

In fact, this stalk has been in a depressive state since its birth. Before this season, 58 was not Pauls most well-known black nickname. Around him are the exclusive passages such as Xijue floor and 183 masked man. As we all know, as the strongest traditional point guard in the NBA for a period of time, Paul has super high popularity, and his personal abilities, data and honor are also very hard. But embarrassingly, his personal team leaders achievement has been delayed to break through the second round of the playoffs, that is, the so-called did not touch the floor of the Western Conference Final obstruction.

In fact, Xijue is a novel written by the writer Dean, but it has become so by PS.

And the effect of this stall can not help but start to let fans discuss in the forum: Paul as the most robust point guard in the NBA, in such a favorable situation has not touched the floor of the Western Conference, is it his teammates or himself?

For the current NBA economic environment, this is clearly not a wise choice. In fact, at the beginning of the contract, many Rockets fans questioned the possibility that the contract would kill the Rockets, but nobody expected it to work so fast - Pauls salary made it impossible for the Rockets to renew Arizabeths contract, and he himself had a personal offensive performance that was extremely inconsistent with his status in the 13-3, 11-3 halftime.

In addition, frequent team changes have made Paul lack of support based on the Earth team fans (there may be some former Hornets, now Pelican fans), and since Kidd, Nash, Curie and even Deron fans finally united to become Pauls black powder.

I have to admit that the network environment today is really different from that ten years ago. Ten years ago, such frequent meetings and stalls were not the mainstream game: in fact, when Paul and his wasps were massacred by such a big score, few people really followed them. More discussion was about tactical analysis, data records, and occasional calls for Pauls heartache.

But interestingly, 10 years later, with the development of live broadcasting and network technology, it becomes easier and easier to discuss NBA. But 10 years ago, the common atmosphere of serious discussion was diluted by the flood. What we see is that all kinds of pedicels are chewing and puffing repeatedly.

We have no intention of turning the issue here to such old-fashioned topics as the aging of Internet users - but objectively speaking, serious discussion and speculative atmosphere need conditions. When the domestic basketball discussion is influenced by the flow trend of the website, the mutual bargaining attacks begin to replace the normal edition, and take up a lot of administratorsenergy. Inevitably, the major camps will move towards at least superficial harmony by sharing paragraphs and vulgarizing information.